Homeland Security Making It Impossible for AZ Sheriffs to Protect Their Citizens

Remember last year’s Sequestration when President intentionally shutdown parts of the government and blamed it on Republicans?  Obama shutdown National Parks, White House Tours and as many other pieces of the federal government as possible that made life difficult or inconvenient for the American people.

While some government entities, like the State Department, spent money like crazy just prior to the shutdown, others began ignoring their legal obligations in order to save money.  The Department of Homeland Security, which oversees Immigration and Customs Enforcement, decided to free more than 2,000 illegals from jails in Arizona, California Georgia and Texas.  These detainees had criminal records and were scheduled for deportation, but instead, DHS set them free to once again roam the streets of America.

According to Gillian Christensen, spokeswoman with ICE, the illegals that were released were classified as low security threats.  They were ordered to comply to scheduled appointments with their local Immigration office.  There was also strict telephone and electronic monitoring ordered for the releases.

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Officials in the four states were outraged and demanded that the federal government stop releasing convicted illegals back into American society, so the practice was halted in those states, but not in others.  Since then, law enforcement officials in Arizona have been requesting the names of the released illegal criminals, but after a year of trying, DHS officials continue to stonewall the process, basically barring law enforcement from being able to do their jobs.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu claim that DHS’s refusal to turn over the names of those released is preventing them from protecting their citizens.  Babeu commented about the situation:

“They released 2,000-plus criminals who were on their way to deportation.  These are the same people that even President Obama said needed to be deported out of the country.”

“We have illegals who we are arresting every day.  We don’t know if these are the same people. They won’t give us the names.”

Arpaio expressed his frustration, saying:

“We turn them over to ICE, and they keep coming back to jail.  Either they’re letting them out the back door — or they’re deporting them, and they keep coming back. There’s a problem with this.”

They are speaking out again about the situation after recent news of how many illegals were crossing the border.  The New York Times reported that 90,700 illegal aliens were arrested crossing the Rio Grande River in south Texas in the past six months.  That number is 69% higher than reported for the same period last year.  Border Patrol agents told the NY Times that they have no idea how many illegals successfully crossed over into the US without being arrested.

Last year, ICE agents detained 722,000 illegals, all of which should have been deported back to their countries.  However, they only filed charges against 195,000, and released the other 527,000 to continue on their merry way to their destinations throughout the US to take jobs away from American citizens and depleted state coffers with all of the benefits they’ll receive.  Of all of the illegals that were released back into the US, 68,000 of them had previous criminal histories, but rather than deporting them, Obama’s government felt it best to let them go here in the US.

When Babeu and Arpaio went through their jail files from last year they found that there were 2,226 illegals released from their jails last February by the feds.  Of those, 622 had criminal records and should have been deported, even under Obama’s warped sense of immigration law enforcement.

ICE spokeswoman Christensen told Newsmax that the number of 2,226 illegals released in Arizona’s two most populated counties is accurate.  She also maintained that they are being monitored, but that does not seem to be what Arpaio and Babeu have been finding.

Two liberal senators, John McCain (AZ-R) and Carl Levin (MI-R) have jumped into the fray and have written to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson asking him to provide the information the sheriffs have been requesting.  Their letter in part reads:

“We write today to seek additional information on last year’s detainee release and inquire whether ICE or the Department of Homeland Security … has taken any actions to ensure accountability for what occurred.”

The bottom line is that Obama’s government has purposefully released thousands of illegals, many with criminal records back into our cities and neighborhoods.  Rather than being deported as the law dictates, Obama has instructed them to be released.  I believe he’s done this because he needs their illegal votes.

But notice that once Congress started taking a serious look at immigration reform and allowing millions of illegals to remain in the country, the influx of illegals has drastically increased.  They are coming here by the thousands, counting on their hero in the White House will let them stay here also.

That’s why I advocate that America brings our troops in the Middle East home and assign them to protect our borders.  We need to be protecting our own country instead of other countries.  We have enough troops and high tech gear to totally secure our southern border with Mexico and the northern border with Canada.  I would love to see a campaign started to demand US troops protects America’s borders first!

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