Homosexual Activists Launch Effort to Silence Anyone Who Disagrees With Them

Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has been pushing for everyone to become more tolerant of them and their lifestyle.  Whether you agree or disagree with them, they want you to accept them for what they are.

However, their desire for tolerance is completely one-sided.  They want you to be tolerant with them, but they are completely intolerant with those that disagree with them.

They have launched what they call the Commentator Accountability Project.  According to a GLAAD press release, the project,

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“Aims to educate the media about the extreme rhetoric of over three dozen activists who are often given a platform to speak in opposition to LGBT people and the issues that affect their lives.”

Some of the people and organizations they are targeting are: Tony Perkins of Family Research Council, Maggie Gallagher of Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, Bob Vander Platts of The Family Leader, Don and Tim Wildmon of American Family Association and Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel Action.

Barber has responded to the attack by saying,

“They need to understand — liberals and secularists — that as Christ followers, we will never, ever stop speaking God’s truth in love.  We appreciate when they reveal who they really are here and reveal the weakness inherent within their own arguments by attempting to silence those who would dare to dissent with their radical secular socialism.”

It appears that GLAAD has declared war on conservatives who express their disagreement on the gay and lesbian lifestyle.  They will try to use accusations of hate language being used against them in order to silence their critics.

This demonstrates that they have absolutely zero tolerance for anyone who disagrees with them and they will stop at nothing to shut them up.  It also demonstrates that the gay and lesbian community does not want equality, they want superiority and special treatment above and beyond what the normal person has.  And if something isn’t done soon to stop them, that’s exactly what they will have.

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