Homosexual Group’s Fascist Language Patrol

The Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Definition (GLAAD) has been very active lately controlling the language of others while at the same time failing to control their own language.  Using fascist tactics, this gay activist group is doing their best to regulate the speech of everyone that has ideas and beliefs different than their own.

In one of their earlier language squad attacks, GLAAD went after NBA star Kolbe Bryant for saying the word ‘faggot’ during an NBA game.  Their actions resulted in the Los Angeles Lakers slapping Bryant with a $100,000 fine for his comment.

In their latest attack, they went after statements made by movie producer Brett Ratner on the Howard Stern radio show.  Ratner made a disparaging slur against gays and the GLAAD police instantly jumped on the case.  Their gestapo style tactics were effective enough to force the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to replace Ratner as the producer of the Academy Awards.

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GLAAD has used similar tactics in targeting others in the public spotlight, costing people their jobs, and more.  They can’t stand to have anyone say anything negative about homosexuality.  Yet it’s okay for them to say negative and derogatory things about individuals and groups who defend traditional marriage of one man with one woman.

In fact, they even award others for their vicious verbal attacks made against straights and conservatives.  Joe Jervis recently was awarded Blogger of the Year for his JoeMyGod website.  Jervis has targeted Jews and anti-gay groups in his blogs as hate groups for standing up for their belief that homosexuality is a sin.

Examples of some of Jervis’s comments  taken from his website under a search ‘Jews’ include:

“The SPLC-certified hate group MassResistance reports that the Ultra-Orthodox Torah Jews for Decency today lobbied New York state senators to oppose marriage equality. I believe this is the same group that stood uncomfortably on Sen. Ruben Diaz’ hate stage while speakers condemned anybody who didn’t accept Jeebus as their personal savior.”

“ISRAEL: Hate Group Leads Donkeys Through Jerusalem In Pride Protest – n anti-gay group led donkeys through the streets of Jerusalem today in protest of the gay pride parade also taking place. Because gays are like donkeys somehow.”

According to Christopher R. Barron, Chairman of the Board of GOProud  points out that Jervis has even called for violent actions to be taken against anti-gay conservatives in his editorial, The gay Gestapo strikes again:

“GLAAD’s tag line is “Words and images matter.” Of course, this didn’t stop GLAAD from giving its “Blogger of the Year Award” to Joe Jervis of the blog “Joe My God.” Jervis’s blog, which has been the subject of a Daily Caller story in the past, regularly attacks gay conservatives. As was pointed out in the Daily Caller story from earlier this year, “Jervis’s site is littered with hateful and misogynistic comments on his message boards …”

Unbelievably, Jervis goes as far as allowing calls for actual violence against gay conservatives to stand on his site. On two separate occasions, Jervis has openly ridiculed incidents of violent anti-gay hate crimes against gay conservatives. Apparently, words and images don’t matter to GLAAD’s members as long as the subject of those attacks is someone they disagree with politically.”

GLAAD’s director of religion faith and values, Ross Murray has gone as far as perverting what the Bible says and condemning Christians that adhere to the straightforward teaching of Scripture.  In referring to Christians that hold to the traditional biblical teachings on homosexuality, he calls them ‘vocal anti-gay activists’ who spread ‘vocal misinformation.’  Murray also describes anti-gay activists who continue to speak out against homosexuality as becoming ‘more shrill.’  He goes on to denigrate Christians who adhere to marriage as being one man with one woman.

GLAAD is a typical fascist organization who wants to deny anyone else the right to free speech when it is aimed against them, while at the same time taking full advantage of their right to free speech to criticize, harass and abuse everyone else.

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