Homosexuals Boycotting Salvation Army

It’s Christmas season again and like in years past, we see the red kettles setting outside stores and shopping malls, some with bells and others without.  Every year the Salvation Army has thousands of volunteers who brave the cold and wet weather as they try to raise money for one of America’s unsung hero organizations.

The Salvation Army formed in 1865 London by William and Catherine Booth.  It currently works in more than 100 countries around the world.  They are a Christian organization whose purpose is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They do so mainly through their thrift stores and through the thousands of charitable acts they perform.

Because of their Christian foundation, gay activists across the nation are boycotting the charity.  They claim that the Salvation Army discriminates against homosexuals and therefore warrants being boycotted.

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Americans For Truth About Homosexuality president Peter LaBarbera commented about the gay boycott saying,

“The homosexual activists are saying that The Salvation Army is anti-gay. It’s sort of strange — it’s not like The Salvation Army gives an orientation test every time it wants to help the poor; The Salvation Army just helps the poor.  So I think people should go on supporting The Salvation Army. They should disregard the homosexual lobby and just give in the spirit of Christmas.

“The homosexual lobby is at war with religion, and they’re also at war with people’s right to express their religious viewpoint that homosexual behavior is sinful.  And they’re fighting for the right to basically criminalize the practice of Christianity as it applies to homosexuality.”

I’ve known a couple of families who have had house fires and within hours of the fire department arriving on scene to put them out, the Salvation Army was also on the scene helping with clothing, food and shelter.  Not once did they ever ask the families if they were Christians or homosexuals.  In one case, the family were of Jewish background but rarely attended synagogue, but the Salvation Army staff didn’t care.

There are thousands of families across the nation and world that have been victims of house fires, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes, who have been helped out in some way by the Salvation Army.  These families represent all different religions, political views and probably sexual orientation, but none of these mattered at the time when they received aid and comfort from the Salvation Army.

If homosexuals want to be left alone, then perhaps they need to shut up and leave others alone, especially those like the Salvation Army who render so much needed relief to those experiencing some of the worst times of their lives.

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