Hope? Nope — Poster Artist Turns Back on Obama

Shepard Fairey, the artist behind those creepy “HOPE” posters that helped hypnotize a nation into voting for Obama the first time, says now he would use a different word under Obama’s portrait.

It’s almost as if the designer of the swastika denounced Hitler, or the maker of the hammer and sickle flag told Stalin to shove off.

Fairey specializes in simplistic, propaganda-style poster illustration for both  commercial use and art exhibits. One of his more recent gifts to the world has been a fashion line with the word “OBEY” scrawled on shirts and other articles of clothing.

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The Obama posters thus were always reminiscent of Nazi and Soviet-era “state art,” but the irony of putting the word “hope” on such a poster was apparently lost on Obama’s liberal supporters. To many conservatives, the “HOPE” posters became perfect symbols of the skewed thinking of Obama’s followers, who could not recognize the impending danger of Obama’s Marxist impulse even a graphic representation of it was literally staring them in the face from virtually every door and window in liberal neighborhoods.

After five years of Obama, however, even a hard-core Kool-Aid drinker like Fairey, who still supports Occupy Wall Street, can no longer march to the Administration’s drum.

Cornered by TMZ, Fairey said if he were to make the Obama poster for the first time now, he has several other words he would use, some of which are not fit for print. “I’d put a few different ones,” he said.

After giving it some more thought, Fairey offered, “How about ‘drones’?”

When even your official propagandist can’t pretend to like you any more, things are getting grim.

It makes you wonder who Obama’s unofficial propagandists in the media think they’re fooling.

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