HORROR! Ben Carson Defends Second Amendment

In the wake of the Oregon shooting at Umpqua Community College, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and every liberal media outlet are screaming for more gun control. Let’s make it harder for law abiding citizens to defend themselves and their families buy infringing on their Second Amendment rights.

Not only is Hillary calling for 100% universal background checks on all gun buyers and current gun owners, but she also wants to repeal the federal law that protects gun manufacturers and dealers from being sued for the actions of people using guns in a crime. Let’s not forget that when she was Secretary of State that Hillary signed onto the United Nations Small Arms Treaty and several other anti-gun treaties that would virtually ban ownership of all handguns, rifles and shotguns.

Donald Trump took some heat for defending the Second Amendment rights although he emphasized the need for more mental health screening. Mike Huckabee told the truth for saying that it’s not guns that are killing people but sin. He has not been grilled over the fires of liberalism because he’s not considered a front runner in the 2016 presidential race.

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Ben Carson, on the other hand is one of the top front GOP presidential front runners and the liberal media is ready to throw him to the piranha for his defense of the Second Amendment and his biblical beliefs.

When asked about gun control and shooting in Oregon, Carson said he would have tried to get everyone to rush the shooter at once. He said that the shooter can only shoot one person at a time and if everyone rushed him that they would have been able to subdue him before he killed and wounded as many as he did.

Carson also stated that this is a more preferable action that passing more gun control. He echoed the response of Huckabee that the problem is not guns but people. He did say that more effort needs to be made on the mental health issue pointing out that some of the mass shooters of late had been seeing mental health experts but the experts failed to do anything in response to what they had seen beforehand in these patients.

Appearing on a national news show, Carson was asked about his stand on the Second Amendment. The news anchors tried to pin him down suggesting that the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to today’s modern weapons like assault rifles but only to the technology of the time, meaning muskets and muzzle-loading rifles.

Carson disagreed stating that the intent behind the Second Amendment does give citizens the right to arm themselves with the guns of the times in order to help protect the nation from invasion and to help protect them and their families.

He’s right. Can you image a nation like Russia or China invading the US and finding out that half the population is armed with assault rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition? It would make a country think twice before mounting an armed attack on our soil.

Carson also pointed out that the Second Amendment was written with the intent to allow the citizens of our nation to protect themselves against the federal government. He’s right and this, I truly believe, is the primary motive behind Democrats’ efforts to pass strict gun control laws. They need to find out who owns what guns and do what they can to disarm the American people in order for them to fully establish their socialist government. As long as so many conservative Americans are well armed with stock piles of ammunition, it makes it a lot harder for them to forcefully take over the country.

Appearing on the very very liberal talk show, The View, Carson was asked about his views on gun control and evolution. Whoopi Goldberg asked Carson about his reported comment that Nazi Germany could happen here in America. Carson responded:

“That’s not what I said.”

“What I said was that most of the people in Nazi Germany did not believe in what Hitler was doing. But did they speak up? No.”

“They kept their mouths shut. And when you do that, you are compromising your freedom and the freedom of people who come behind you. You have to be willing to stand up for what you believe in.”

What Carson said is very true. That’s how Christians have allowed homosexuals and other sinful lifestyles to take over our nation. When prayer, God, the Bible and Jesus were being challenged in the courts in the 1960s, Christian America sat quietly, twisted their hands and complained to the friends, but did nothing publicly to defend their faith and the Christian foundation that made America great.

Then the topic changed to evolution when Joy Behar asked Carson:

“I was reading that you don’t believe in evolution. What I want to say to you is — don’t take this wrong Mrs. Carson, I’m not asking for a date — but how do you feel about taking a trip to the Museum of Natural History with me? We could do like a little walk through and have a discussion about it.”

Saying that he has already had debates with Nobel laureates on the topic of evolution, Carson told he would be happy to visit the Museum of Natural History with her. Then he stated:

“Let me explain. Let me explain. Microevolution versus macroevolution are two different things.”

That’s when Behar quickly changed the subject, not allowing Carson to defend his Christian belief in biblical creation. This is a typical tactic used by liberals who attack without wanting to give a person a chance to answer or defend themselves.

In less than 24 hours from making his statements on gun control, America and evolution, the liberal media descended upon him with outrageous claims and attacks. How dare Carson speak the truth about what is really happening in our nation. How dare he try to defend his stand against evolution. How dare he lay part of the blame on people who do nothing to stop the politicians from destroying our nation like what happened in Nazi Germany with Adolf Hitler.

I may not agree with everything else Carson has said, but on these matters, I admire him for speaking the truth knowing how the media will attack him for doing so. America needs leaders who are more interested in the truth instead of their personal agenda and welfare.

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