Hostile Media Refuse to Listen To Facts Presented by Sheriff Joe And His Investigation Into Obama Birth Certificate

I watched the live stream feed on WND of the Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo, the lead investigator of the Cold Case Posse that investigated Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  Both Arpaio and Zullo have repeatedly stated that they set out to clear Obama and prove the conspiracies surrounding his birth certificate were wrong.  However, all of the evidence they have gathered after nearly a year of investigation prove otherwise.

Arpaio and Zullo also stated repeatedly that they are not accusing Obama of any crime.  What they have stated is that the long form birth certificate presented to the American people and the citizens of Maricopa County is a forgery and that it appears to have originated in the White House.

Prior to the press conference, everyone present was told to keep all questions pertinent to the subject at hand and that neither Arpaio nor Zullo would be answering questions on any other subject.  However, right off the bat, reporters started attacking both men about their motives and their character.  They were accused of being a conspiracy theorist out to get the president.  The questions being asked were not about the evidence that was presented and it was obvious they didn’t care.  They came with preconceived ideas and failed to listen to anything that was presented.

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One thing I noticed was that when the media did identify themselves as they were asked to do, they all seemed to be local news outlets in the Phoenix area.  I didn’t hear one national news reporter ask any questions.  If they were there, I don’t know, but somehow I doubt that any of them attended the conference.

If I were a member of the media, I would be embarrassed by the unprofessionalism and stupidity of those present.  When they did ask question about the evidence presented, it was obvious that they hadn’t heard a thing that was said or presented to them.

For example, Mike Zullo was careful to point out that a coding number of 9 in certain places on the birth certificate meant that information was not provided.  This coding in 1961 was done by hand and then rechecked by another person.  The significance of this was that in two places on the Obama birth certificate, information was typed into the section that was coded 9, meaning that they should have been blank.

He even told them that they found the woman whose name was signed to the birth certificate and she explained to them the procedure and the coding.  She also told them that it would have been virtually impossible for a code of 9 to be used and then checked by another person when the information in the section had been filled in.  Yet, one of the reporters present said he didn’t understand the significance of this and even seemed to challenge its importance.

I do give credit to Arpaio and Zullo for standing their ground against the attacks made by the local media. The two law enforcement men answered their challengers with more professional dignity than I would have done.

WND has stated that they will have the video of the press conference on their site as soon as possible.  I strongly urge all of you to check it out and listen for yourselves how biased, exasperating and antagonistic the media was.  I also urge you to watch the video as Arpaio and Zullo have presented a strong case for their claim that the document is a forgery.

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