Hottest July Since 1930s Dust Bowl — or Maybe Just Fodder for Obama’s Re-election

We all remember the story of Chicken Little, who cried, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” and got his entire community worked up over nothing.

How about the boy who cried, “Wolf!” just for a laugh. When he’d fooled the town a couple of times, the townsfolk refused to come to his aid when a real wolf showed up.

Then there’s the story about the climate scientists who ran around yelling, “Hottest ever! Hottest ever!”

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Even in the post-Climategate era, there are still people who buy into the notion that man-made global warming is dooming the planet. The latest chapter in this never-ending fairy tale is a press release on Wednesday from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announcing that July was the hottest ever, even hotter than the 1930s Dust Bowl.

The Associated Press story says, “The average temperature last month was 77.6 degrees. That breaks the old record from July 1936 by 0.2 degree.”

Then it goes on to add, “Three of the nation’s five hottest months on record have been recent Julys: This year, 2011 and 2006. Julys in 1936 and 1934 round out the top five.”

Scared yet? Nah, I didn’t think so.

Allan Watts, who has made a career out of setting the record straight on climate change, weather and related issues, shows on his blog that the NOAA has to massage the numbers to arrive at the claim that July beat out the Dust Bowl.

First, Watts points out that Texas in 1936 had below-normal temperatures, and if you take the Texas numbers out of the figuring, the purported 0.2-degree increase vanishes.

In 1936, 14 states recorded higher temperatures than in 2012. Watts also notes that 1934 saw many states with higher temperatures than they recorded this year.

The big secret behind the NOAA’s figures, though, is that they have a practice of “adjusting” the temperature data. The NOAA admits to a 0.5 degree adjustment, but a recent study found it’s closer to 2 degrees.

According to Steve Goddard, “The adjustments they are making are greater than the claimed trend, meaning that all man made US warming is occurring inside ORNL and GISS computers.”

Never one to pass up a crisis, real or imagined, King Obama is using the NOAA story and the ongoing “historic” drought to his advantage.

The Senate Democrats under Harry Reid last week rejected a House-approved drought-relief plan. Now, Obama is calling on Congress to pass a farm bill that will send disaster aid to farmers and ranchers, complaining about having to fight a “Republican Congress.”

“Congress needs to pass a farm bill that will not only provide important disaster relief tools but also make necessary reforms and give farmers the certainty they deserve,” Obama said.

The Senate farm bill — surprise — is loaded with pork for Democratic constituents and special interests.

Sen. John Kerry, who by the way served in Vietnam, went to the Senate floor a few days ago and declared, “We are living through a story of disgraceful denial, back-pedaling and delay that has brought us perilously close to a climate change catastrophe.”

Although it had seemed for a time this year that the Left was finally going to stop tooting the climate change horn, it was evidently too much to hope that we and Mother Earth could finally get some peace.

The Left seems to be gearing up again to use its “extreme weather” fantasies as a lever to get expensive programs, taxes and other wish list items passed. For his part, King Obama is content to let farmers and ranchers suffer while he plays politics with the drought as part of his re-election bid.

Or maybe Obama just is finally gonna get around to rolling back those seas like he promised.

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