Democrats Take First Steps to Shut Down this Website

Can you give an accurate definition of what ‘hate language’ really is?

I tried several dictionaries but since it’s two words, I didn’t have any luck. Then I looked online and found Wikipedia’s definition which is probably fairly close to what most people say:

“Hate speech is, outside the law, speech that attacks a person or group on the basis of e.g. race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.”

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“In law, hate speech is any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or prejudicial action against or by a protected individual or group, or because it disparages or intimidates a protected individual or group.”

Here in the US, hate speech means anything that offends anyone or group, except Christians, conservatives and patriots.  Look at what happened to Phil Robertson when all he said was homosexuality was sin.  That was considered by many to be hate language.  However, others in the media and limelight can call Christians stupid idiots and bigots and no one blinks an eye because that is perfectly acceptable.  If someone criticizes President Obama or Attorney General Holder, they are labeled as racists who hate blacks and are accused of hate language.  But when someone like Al Sharpton says that whites are bigoted racists, that’s perfectly acceptable.

With that in mind, thirteen House Democrats are trying to push a new bill, The Hate Crime Reporting Act (HR 3878), that will launch a new investigation into the use of hate language on the internet, mobile phones, television and radio.  When they say mobile phones, they are talking mostly about the social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and others.

According to one of the bill’s sponsors, Rep Hakeem Jefferies (D-NY), the bill is designed to study the use of hate language that is used to ‘advocate and encourage violent acts and the commission of crimes of hate.’  Jefferies explained the purpose of the bill, saying,

“The Internet is a wonderful vehicle for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, but it can also be used as a platform to promote hate and target vulnerable individuals.

“This legislation will mandate a comprehensive analysis of criminal and hateful activity on the Internet that occurs outside of the zone of the First Amendment protection.”

Who is going to decide what is and isn’t hate language? That will fall to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). It will be up to them to monitor everything posted on the internet, social media, TV and radio, looking for anything that they deem to be hate language that supposedly is not protected by the First Amendment. That’s an interesting task since the First Amendment says nothing about forbidding hate language.  The First Amendment states:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Show me where it says telling a homosexual that h or she is a sinner is exempted from the First Amendment! Show me where it says you can’t say anything to an ethnic minority about being bigoted or racist! Show me where the First Amendment says you are not allowed to say anything that offends anyone’s race, religion, gender or sexual orientation!

The British monarchy had language police in the colonial days that looked for anyone saying or writing anything against the British or hinted at rebellion and independence. This was one of the things that thousands of colonists fought against and died in the process. Why do you think our Founding Fathers made the freedom of speech and religion the first of their original ten amendments and referred to them as the Bill of RIGHTS?

Liberal Democrats want to do the same thing to Americans that the British did to the colonists. They don’t want anyone to be able to criticize them about anything because  they consider that hate language. However, they have no problem saying anything they want against Republicans, Christians, conservatives and patriots. It’s a one way street and they believe that’s only fair.

It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that organizations like the NAACP and the National Organization for Women are in full support of the bill.  You can also count on GLAAD and other gay organization to endorse the bill. Hilary Shelton, Director of the Washington Bureau of the NAACP, stated:

“As the use of the Internet and the ever-expanding variety of social media tools used by these groups continues to grow and evolve, we need to have a better idea of what they are doing and how they are doing it.”

If HR 3878 is allowed to become law, liberal Democrats will come hunting for people like me and websites like this that speak the truth and criticize them for their liberal, socialist policies. They’ll use it to shut us up from saying things like homosexuality is a sin and is a matter of choice, Obama is a racist and socialist, Holder is Obama’s puppet and the most corrupt AG in US history and that Islam is one of the biggest threats facing America today.

The NTIA will become the speech and thought police of the Democrats. No Republican, Independent, or member of any other political party will ever be allowed to say anything negative about their Democratic opponents during their campaigns for office.  Christian ministers will be silenced in their pulpits for telling anyone that they are a sinner or that their lifestyle is sinful.

The Hate Crime Reporting Act is a very dangerous piece of legislation and must be stopped before we lose all of our First Amendment rights.

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