House OKs Plan to Arm, Train Terrorists to Fight Terrorists

ISIS, a term the White House refuses to use any more, stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

It’s very descriptive because those two countries are where ISIS currently holds territory and slaughters its opponents, Muslim and non-Muslim alike.

President Obama won’t use the term, preferring ISIL, for two reasons: 1) because ISIL stands for Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, which includes Israel (basically, Obama is telling Muslims he agrees that Israel shouldn’t exist), and 2) because the name ISIS could serve as a reminder that most of the ISIS leadership and many of the troops came out of the ongoing civil war in Syria, where they were placed by the Obama Administration, which for years was smuggling arms and personnel through Turkey into Syria in an effort to overthrow Assad.

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Those arms and personnel — really just al-Qaida-linked mercenaries — ended up migrating into Iraq and being used to conquer cities and towns, some of which had been occupied by Christians for 2,000 years.

So the ISIS army is largely the result of the Obama Administration — through the CIA — playing footsies with Islamic terrorists. It’s the same reason behind the events of Benghazi, Libya, in 2012.

The Obama Administration has never publicly acknowledged its role in the formation of ISIS, and barely acknowledged that they have a connection to al-Qaida, which as you’ll recall Obama assured the country was “on the run.” It turns out they were on the run right into Iraq to fill the power vacuum left when Obama pulled our troops out too early.

All of this is known to key people in Congress. It’s also known to millions of people around the world thanks to the foreign press that has diligently reported on Obama’s support for international terror groups like the Muslim Brotherhood. And it’s known to anyone in America who doesn’t rely on the mainstream media for information.

That makes it all the more inexplicable that the House on Wednesday passed the White House’s request to spend millions of dollars arming and training “moderate” Muslims among the Syrian “rebels.”

Not only is the background of ISIS known, but it should be obvious to anyone with a couple of functioning brain cells that those “moderate Muslims” don’t exist in everyday life, much less in a war zone inside Syria. Time after time, terrorist attack after terrorist attack, we always look for the protests by all the moderate Muslims outraged by the horrors being perpetrated in Mohammed’s name, but they never appear.

Then there’s this guy, the rebel commander who ate an enemy’s heart to boost his troops’ morale. It’s good to know that the Obama Administration plans to train and better arm the likes of him, and that Congress will go along with it.

Your tax dollars at work.

Sort of brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?



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