House Republican Leadership too Gutless on Holder

Operation Fast and Furious put hundreds of guns in the hands of a Mexican drug cartel.  The guns were used to murder over 300 Mexicans and US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.  The resulting scandal has reached all the way to the US Attorney General Eric Holder who lied before Congress as to his knowledge and involvement in the operation.

Since appearing before Congress, sixty-three congressmen, two senators, two governors and all of the Republican presidential candidates have demanded that Holder resign immediately.  In the House of Representatives, eighty-nine congressmen have signed a no confidence resolution concerning Holder’s ability to serve as Attorney General for the nation.  When you overlap the two congressional lists (resignation and no confidence), it tallies up to 101 members (just under one quarter) of the House, believe that Holder is incapable of carrying out his job as the nation’s top cop.

Screamingly absent from taking any stance on Holder are Speaker of the House John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.  The two top Republican leaders in the House have remained non-committal on Holder. When asked about Holder, both GOP House leaders have remained silent.  When reporters asked both of the congressmen’s spokesmen and staffers, they all say they’ll have to ask the congressman and will get back to them, only for the reporters to hear nothing thereafter.

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Most likely, if both Boehner and Cantor signed the no confidence resolution and call for Holder’s resignation, there would be a greater number of congressmen join the effort and the numbers would quickly rise to well over half the House.  The White House would have to listen and there would be a greater chance of forcing Holder’s resignation.

Without the GOP House leadership support, Holder and Obama have been ignoring the calls to resign and the no confidence resolution.  He vows to remain in office and continue to defy federal law and do what his puppet master (Obama) tells him to do.

So the real question is: will Boehner and Cantor man up and do what they need to do to properly lead the House GOP and force Holder’s removal or are they going to continue to be Washington wimps and quiver in fear of upsetting the President and his puppet bulldog?

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