House Republicans Introduce Bills to Reduce Number of Federal Employees & Civilian Contractors

One of the main reasons the United States has a national deficit in the trillions of dollars is that our federal government has grown out of control. Not only is spending out of control but the hiring of more federal employees has been out of control as well. At one point during Obama’s reign, the federal government was hiring at the rate of 101 new employees every day for over 1,400 days.

I’ve often described the out of control growth of the federal government to a cancer spreading through a body that will eventually kill that body. If the growth of the federal government is not stopped and reversed, it will financially kill our nation and cause its collapse and that seems to be what Obama and Democrats want.

Finally, a couple of House Republicans are trying to do something to stop the government cancer and even start to reverse it.

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Rep. Ken Calvert, (R-CA) has proposed a piece of legislation that would reduce the number of civilians working in the Defense Department by 15% over the next eight years. Calvert explained:

“The continued growth in our civilian staff at the DOD comes at a time when we are reducing the number of active-duty military personnel — something is clearly wrong with that equation.”

Rep. Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) and Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC) introduced a bill known as the Federal Workforce Reduction Through Attrition Act. According to a press release on Lummis’s website:

“The bill limits new federal hires to one employee for every three that retire or leave service, saving a previously estimated $35 billion over five years without forcing any current federal employees out of a job. If a federal agency were to refuse complying with the legislation’s hiring limits it would result in a federal hiring freeze.”

Lummis explains:

“We’ve racked up over $18 trillion in debt simply because Washington has no idea when to stop spending. Attrition is a solution that requires the federal government to do what any business, state, or local government would do to cut costs—limit new hires. Instead of blindly filling empty desks, this bill forces agencies to take a step back, consider which positions are crucial, and make decisions based on necessity rather than luxury. Real, productive job creation takes place on Main Street America not in the bloated federal government.”

Mulvaney added:

“It’s no secret that the federal government is way too big and spends way too much. This bill is a big step in the direction of efficiency, and I’m hopeful this common-sense approach is something my colleagues across the aisle can agree on as it was part of the plan written by the President’s Fiscal Commission. I’m proud to have worked with Rep. Lummis to reintroduce it in the 114th Congress.”

I applaud their efforts as a good start, but only a start to more drastic measures that need to be taken in order prevent the cancerous federal government from killing our nation. There are several entire departments that should be eliminated including the Department of Education which should be returned to state control. Since the creation of the Education Department, average grades and literacy have decreased along with the number of students graduating from high school. Federal involvement in public education is clearly not working and is wasting billions of taxpayer dollars.

Another department that needs to be drastically reduced is the IRS. If the current federal income system was replaced by a flat tax that would be fair for everyone, you could eliminate over half of the IRS staff. That’s another tremendous saving that would help reduce our deficit.

Another measure that needs to be addressed is the unequal salaries made by federal employees compared to the average salaries of non-governmental workers. In many cases, the starting federal salary is anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000 more than the average income for the general public. If the federal pay scale was brought in line with that of non-government workers, it would also help save billions of taxpayer dollars.

What America really needs is a president and Congress that is willing to slice and dice the federal government and reduce it by at least 25% to 50% over the next 5 to 10 years. I’m sure that things will run smoother and cheaper than they are now. It’s just like removing a cancer from someone’s body. If you don’t remove enough or all of the tumor, the cancer will continue to grow back and kill the person. If we don’t remove enough of the federal government’s burgeoning growth, it will soon return and just kill our nation financially at a later date.

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