House Republicans Trying to Protect Military Chaplains and Their Rights of Conscience

Last year, the Pentagon issued a directive to all military chaplains ordering them to be available to perform same sex marriages and unions for military personnel.  They were also ordered to make their facilities available for the homosexual ceremonies.  Another anti-Christian directive that came out of the Pentagon, which had to have been following the instructions of our Muslim president, said that military chaplains cannot preach against sin in their own churches.  Those chaplains caught preaching against any of President Obama’s policies and declaring them to be sinful and wrong will face charges of sedition and treason and brought before a court martial review.

In an attempt to protect military chaplains from being forced to go against their rights of conscience and their religious beliefs, Tim Huelskamp (R – KS) introduced HR 3828.  This bill is to be inserted into the 2012 House Defense Authorization Bill where it will define marriage and what will be covered under the rights of conscience for military chaplains.

Last year, the House of Representatives passed a similar bill only to have it trashed by the Senate and House conference committee.  The Democrats on the committee vehemently opposed the bill, leading to its removal from the larger piece of legislation.  With the partisan mentality in Washington, the current bill may very well meet the same fate as it did last year.

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Monitoring the situation with military chaplains is Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness.  She is already seeing chaplains who believe in the Bible’s condemnation of homosexuality being pressured by military brass to obey the new commands or face punishment.  Donnelly commented,

“The army training said, If you cannot reconcile differences with the new law, then the chaplains should have their endorsement withdrawn and they should leave the military.  This is not a very good solution.

“It talks about simulated marriages, marriage-like ceremonies. The reason for that is last fall the Pentagon said, We’re not going to violate the Defense of Marriage Act; we’ll have same-sex ceremonies, but we won’t call them ‘marriage.’  That was their way of trying to get around the clear intent of the law.”

Donnelly also believes that one of the best ways to help get Huelskamp’s bill passed by both House and Senate is for as many Americans as possible to write and contact their Representatives and Senators urging them to pass HR 3828.  If this is not passed, Christian chaplains will either be court martialed, and have their lives ruined, or they will opt to no longer serve in the military, leaving it wide open to the ever increasing number of Muslim chaplains and none of us want to see that happen.

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