House Sends Bill Defunding Planned Parenthood to Senate

The Republican-led House of Representatives sent the Senate a bill that would cut key Obamacare provisions and block Planned Parenthood from receiving any federal funds for one year.

The bill passed 240-189, and the House Republicans got smart, using a procedural trick to prevent the bill from being filibustered in the Senate. That means the Senate could pass the bill with only 51 votes.

Democrats will no doubt try to find a way to kill the bill in the Senate, and some Republicans may oppose it, so it’s not a certainty to pass.

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Even if it does, what is a certainty is a veto by President Obama, who is very fond of any program that kills babies or that bears his name.

The bill as it is written would eliminate the requirement for people to buy health insurance if it is not provided by an employer. Also, businesses would not be required to provide insurance, and the bill would eliminate some of the taxes that are hidden inside Obamacare.

It may seem like an exercise in futility to put such a bill on Obama’s desk, since it will only get vetoed, but some Republicans see it as a way of drawing lines between the two political parties and underscore the Left’s love of abortion.

Democrats naturally disagree with the bill, the reasoning for the bill and everything ever said by anyone who opposes Obamacare or abortion.

“This is a hyper-partisan document that is just talking points for extremists,” said Rep. Ted Lieu, Democrat hyper-partisan from California.

Even though the bill has no hopes of surviving a visit to Emperor Obama’s mighty pen, it’s not a complete exercise in futility if the Republicans in the Senate can pass the bill.

It would at least define the Republican Party as standing for something, a crucial point since for the entire two terms of Obama to date the GOP has stood for nothing.

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