House Votes to Protect Life

In the late 1930s through the middle of the 1940s, the world was appalled to learn that Hitler and his Nazi regime had murdered over 6 million Jews in what became known as the Holocaust.

In the late 1970s, Saloth Sar, better known as Pol Pot, led the Khmer Rouge government of Cambodia and was responsible for the murders of nearly 2.5 million Cambodians.  Again the world was in an uproar and Pol Pot’s reign of terror ended in 1979 when Viet Nam invaded Cambodia.

However, since January 22, 1973 when the US Supreme Court voted 7-2 in the infamous Roe v. Wade case, nearly 48 million Americans have been massacred and the world remains silent.  Although the world has remained silent, many Americans have not.

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The battle between Pro-Life and Pro-Choice has been waging steadily these past 38 years and it doesn’t appear to be waning anytime soon.

The laws in America and various states have changed back and forth.  Some gave protection to the unborn in the third trimester; some even in the second trimester, but few laws have protected the unborn during the first trimester.

One of the battles within the abortion war is whether or not taxpayer monies should be made available to help fund or pay for abortions.  Planned Parenthood is the largest and most popular organization that actively seeks out the unborn and murders them.  Under current federal laws, nearly a third of Planned Parenthood’s funding comes from the federal government in the amount of approximately $330 million per year.

Also keep in mind that federally funded Planned Parenthood also provides sexual counseling to minors without parental knowledge or approval.  They help provide contraceptives to school age children without parental knowledge or approval.  The practices of Planned Parenthood completely undermine parental authority and often have resulted in devastating consequences in family relationships.

When Obamacare was enacted on March 23, 2010, it made provisions for continued federal funding for abortions and abortion agencies including Planned Parenthood.  Supporters claimed this was to help improve the medical care and health of women in general.

On Wednesday of this week, the US House of Representatives voted to block all federal funding of abortions as originally provided in Obamacare.  H.R. 358, the Protect Life Act was passed 251-171 in the conservatively Republican controlled House and will now go to the liberally controlled Democrat Senate.

The Protect Life Act blocks all federal funding for abortion or abortion coverage that was provided for in Obamacare.  This includes any tax credits or cost sharing reductions involving federal funds.  The new bill spells out specific instructions that any local or state government or individual must secure their own elective abortion insurance coverage or rider, providing it is does not use any federal funds once authorized by Obamacare.

The Protective Life Act also provides assurance that any state laws ‘protecting conscience rights, restricting or prohibiting abortion or coverage or funding of abortion, or establishing procedural requirements on abortion” are not annulled by Obamacare.

I can’t help but wonder if the Voices from the Womb presentation being presented on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, which extended invitations to Representatives and Senators, had anything to do with the passage of the Protective Life Act.

House Republicans and 15 House Democrats have demonstrated that they care about the sanctity of human life.  We will soon see just how sacred human life is to the Senate Democrats.

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