House Wants to Shackle IRS on Obamacare

For years, everyone believed that the IRS was too powerful and that no one could control them.  Even the IRS believed it to be so as evidenced by the targeting and auditing scandals they are now involved in.  From what evidence we’ve heard so far, the IRS went way beyond legal and it all came from the White House.

Now, some politicians in Washington want to place shackles on the IRS so they can be controlled and have their movements kept in check.  A package of bills is being introduced into the House by Majority Leader Eric Cantor.  At a press conference Tuesday, Cantor announced:

“The public is feeling a growing sense of distrust of what this administration and what Washington is doing, and that’s why we in the House this month will be taking up a package of bills to stop the government abuse, to put the American people first.”

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“We should be about empowering the American people. We should be about holding bureaucrats in Washington accountable because this town is supposed to work for the people and not the other way around.”

Contained in the package of legislation would be bills that:

  • Prohibit the IRS from implementing and enforcing Obamacare.
  • Allow citizens to record any conversations they have with any federal enforcement official.
  • Requires the approval of the leadership of any agency for all conferences held by government officials.
  • Congress would have final approval of any regulations that would seriously impact the economy.
  • Mandates the forming of a customer service system at government agencies.
  • Provides allowance for agencies to place senior career officials on leave with or without pay if they are the subjects of any investigation of serious abuses.

The Republicans hope that these measures will help to regulate the government and keep agencies like the IRS from getting out of control.

What I found interesting is that the IRS was charged to implement and enforce Obamacare insurance mandate.  Anyone not purchasing health insurance would be forced to pay a penalty in the form of a tax.  The US Supreme Court ruled that the insurance mandate was legal because it was a tax and not a penalty.  However, if the IRS is not allowed to implement of enforce the insurance mandate, it effectively kills it.

Cantor’s group of bills sound all good and fine and I wouldn’t doubt that many of them will pass the House, but I seriously doubt if the Democratic controlled Senate would pass any of them.  What happens to these bills could become fodder for a number of political campaigns being geared up for the 2014 mid-term elections.  It promises to be a very interesting election season.

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