Houses of Homicide Garner Greater Government Protection

Have you ever seen a car stop to buy flowers from a street peddler?  And have you ever seen any legal action taken against the flower peddler for his actions?

Or what about a group of protesters standing at the corner to the parking lot entrance to a store or business?  While standing on the sidewalk, they call to motorists and will talk to anyone that would listen to their cause.

So what makes abortion clinics (houses of homicide) deserve extra protection?

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Case in point is Kenneth Scott who was arrested for violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrance (FACE) Act.  Scott was standing to the side of the murder mansion by the entrance to their parking lot.  He extended information offering alternatives to abortion to those entering the facilities parking lot.  After one car stopped to talk to Scott and take his information, he was arrested for blocking the entrance to the parking lot.

As Peter Breen of the Thomas More Society described it,

“It appears to be based on the fact that when he waves someone to come over and talk to him and to pull over to take literature about offering alternatives to abortion, that the car that is stopped [so people can talk] to Ken might have obstructed some other car that would be waiting to get into the parking lot to have an abortion.

“These are rights that we have had and [that] have been held sacred in this country from time immemorial — and yet today, the attorney general wants to restrict those rights merely because this sort of interchange of information and ideas is occurring outside of an abortion clinic.”

Breen also points out that as soon as the first car moves, the car behind wanting to enter the parking lot is free to do so and that Scott was not the one blocking the entrance, but the car that stopped.

What’s ironic is that I’ve seen union workers on strike form human barricades to block access to electric power plants and no legal action was taken against them.  But in the case of Kenneth Scott, good old ‘protect the law’ Attorney General Eric Holder has assigned not one but five federal prosecutors to the case against Scott.

Once again we see a shining example of how the Department of Justice vehemently attack the constitutional rights of those that have differing views than the anti-Christian, anti-American, pro-Muslim and pro-Obama worship of the federal government.  And at the same time, they equally defend the right of their left wing, Marxist, Muslim supporters who break constitutional law and do what they want.

Not only is Lady Justice blind, but she’s becoming deaf and mute as well.

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