How Long Can Cities Afford Costs of Occupiers?

Many cities and states are in the same or worse financial condition as the federal government.  They are facing mounting deficit budgets and in many cases are being forced to lay off police and fire personnel as well as cutting numerous services and anything else they can.

These cities can ill afford to take on any additional expenses such as the Occupy movements.  I just saw a report that a number of major metropolitan areas that have been infested with the Occupiers have already spent over $200,000 – $300,000 on them.  Those expenses include additional garbage pick-up, park maintenance crews, extra police to keep the peace and make necessary arrests and fire personnel because of injuries and health issues.

If allowed to continue, the Occupy movement could send some of these cities into the same financial situation that Harrisburg has found itself in.  Harrisburg, the capitol of Pennsylvania, recently filed bankruptcy as it could no longer meet its financial obligations forcing the state to assume management and control of the city.

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With the Occupiers pushing cities closer to the brink of bankruptcy, one needs to ask the question as to where the city’s priorities lie?  City officials have an obligation to meet their financial responsibilities and at the same time to protect and provide necessary services to city residents.  So where do they draw the line?

If I was the mayor of one of these cities or on the city council, I would recommend that the city bill each person camping out on city land to pay a daily rental fee to cover the expenses the city incurs by their occupation.

City residents pay for services at their homes or apartments.  Since they are making the city park or public square their home, then they need to pay for services there as well.  If they refuse to pay the daily fees they get evicted.

The only other alternative the cities have is to not provide any services whatsoever to the Occupiers and let the conditions become so filthy, smelly and unsafe that the people finally pack up and go home.

Either way, the Occupiers got their message out and not it’s time for them to go home and become responsible citizens again.

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