How Long Would It Take to Change the American Government Back to What it Was?

With the country going to heck and being run by a Marxist Muslim, many people are calling for change, and not the kind that Obama promised in 2008.

Ron Paul, Rick Perry and several other Republican candidates have talked about making some sweeping changes to try to get the country back in control, but are these changes realistic and enough to get the job done?

Sadly to say, I don’t believe that it’s possible to correct everything overnight.

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The current state of liberal socialism-communism-fascism has taken over 100 years to accomplish.  Plans were set in place around 1900 and they estimated then that it would take at least 75-100 years to accomplish their goals.  They knew that they couldn’t make sweeping changes overnight as they had to slowly erode away the healthy tissue in order for their cancerous regime to fully set in and take over.

But to save the nation, we need to treat it like we do a cancer patient, and since the nation’s cancer is at stage four, we need to treat quickly and aggressively.  The first thing we need to do is perform radical surgery and remove ALL of the cancerous tissue as soon as possible.  We can do that in 2012 by voting out all of the liberal and socialistic politicians starting with Obama and replace them with conservatives that want the nation to survive.

Then we need to take aggressive measures with both chemotherapy and radiation therapy to make sure all of the residual cancer cells are dead.  In other words, we need to start eradicating government employees and if necessary whole departments that are infected with the socialistic cancer.

We can start with the Department of Justice and get rid of Holder and all of his Marxist staff.  We’ll probably need to aim some radiation at the Supreme Court and remove several justices who have not been serving in ‘good behavior.’

The chemotherapy can be aimed at all of the government controlling programs such as Obamacare and all of its regulations.  We need to inject every one of these programs and regulations that violate the 10th Amendment with the cancer killing drugs and watch them shrivel away until they finally expose healthy new tissue in the form of state’s rights.

However, I don’t believe it will take nearly as long to change the government back in the right direction as those healthy tissues consisting of moral, biblical and constitutional foundations are still prevalent with many in the nation.  Once we get rid of all the diseased governmental tissue, the nation will find itself back on the road to recovery.

How long do I think it will take?  I’m not an expert but if we were aggressive and used radical treatments, I’m still guessing it will take ten to 20 years.  And like most aggressive cancer treatments, we’re going to get pretty sick at times and have our doubts if the cure is any better than the disease.  The economy and jobs could still be pretty rocky as the government is drastically cut back and more power is returned to the states, but if we hang in there, we’ll get through it and find ourselves much leaner and healthier in the long run.

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