How Many Lumps Do You Want? Tea Party Gives GOP a Beating

In a turn of events almost as stunning as the Berlin Wall falling, an underfunded, grass-roots candidate for the Senate from Texas took on the famous and well-funded Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and kicked him to the curb.

Ted Cruz, who started the campaign with all the odds against him, was declared by the media to be the winner of the Republican primary, sending him to the November election against Democrat Rep. Paul Sadler.

Cruz’s victory is being attributed to the efforts of the Tea Party, which helped bring in Sens. Rand Paul, Jim DeMint and Mike Lee, along with Sarah Palin to rally for Cruz in Houston.

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The Tea Party was busy behind the scenes as well, organizing, calling and rallying for their candidate.

In the end, the victory was a trouncing. Cruz won by a 13 percent margin, which in political circles is called “victory plus a bag of chips.”

Not only did the grassroots organizing rattle the GOP establishment, but the Democratic Party must be shaking in its boots if it has any brains at all.

This victory comes after the Tea Party-led defeat of longtime Sen. Dick Lugar and the Tea Party-guided victory of Gov. Scott Walker.

Plus, Cruz is Cuban-American, heading off the Left’s favorite racism meme and becoming that most dreaded of liberals’ enemies, a conservative minority.

Palin said on her Facebook page, “The message of this race couldn’t be clearer for the political establishment: the Tea Party is alive and well and we will not settle for business as usual.”

Not bad for a movement that was declared as “over” earlier this year.

The political establishment better brace itself for a whole lotta lumps this November.

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