How Many Of Our Troops Need To Die For No Reason In Afghanistan?

“Afghan President” Hamid Karzai is accusing the US of orchestrating, with the Taliban, false flag attacks on his government’s police and other agents. According to the Washington Times,

“Mr. Karzai said two suicide bombings that killed 19 people on Saturday — one outside the Afghan Defense Ministry and the other near a police checkpoint in eastern Khost province — show the insurgent group is conducting attacks to help show that international forces will still be needed to keep the peace after their current combat mission ends in 2014. ‘The explosions in Kabul and Khost yesterday showed that they are at the service of America and at the service of this phrase: 2014. They are trying to frighten us into thinking that if the foreigners are not in Afghanistan, we would be facing these sorts of incidents,’ he said during a nationally televised speech about the state of Afghan women. Gen. Joseph Dunford, the U.S. and NATO forces commander, said Mr. Karzai had never expressed such views to him, but Gen. Dunford said it was understandable that tensions would arise as the coalition balances the need to complete its mission and the Afghans’ move to exercise more sovereignty.”

Karzai says that the Taliban is in constant negotiation with the US and are actually trying to undermine his own government’s sovereignty by pressing attacks that would justify keeping US and other foreign soldiers in Afghanistan past the 2014 deadline.

I’m willing to hear arguments, but I don’t see why the Taliban would be willing to keep American troops in the country. To that extent, Karzai’s story makes no sense. But no matter how silly Karzai’s claims might or might not be, why are we getting our troops killed there? I don’t understand what “mission” we can possibly complete.

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In the meantime, our soldiers get killed by our allies virtually every week.

“In Monday’s attack, an Afghan police officer stood up in the back of a police pickup truck, grabbed hold of a machine gun and started firing at the U.S. special operations forces and Afghan policemen in the police compound in Jalrez district, said the province’s Deputy Police Chief Abdul Razaq Koraishi. The assailant killed two Afghan policemen and wounded four, including the district police chief, before he was gunned down, Koraishi said. He did not have a death toll for the U.S. troops. The U.S. military said in a statement that two American service members were killed in the shooting. Five Afghan police officers were being held for questioning by the Americans, Koraishi said.”

So we’re not talking about deaths inflicted by the Taliban. These lethal attacks were perpetrated by the police we are training and equipping.

So why not simply withdraw? We can’t afford to be there or anywhere else. There is nothing there worth holding onto. The claim we must never let Al Qaeda gain a foothold there is a lie. If we can let them gain a foothold in Iraq, as they now have thanks to our invasion, then they don’t really need Afghanistan or Pakistan. It doesn’t matter.

I think the truth is obvious: we are staying in because leaving is just unthinkable to our ruling elites—including the Obama Administration. We have to keep our troops there being killed rather than admit that nation building was a stupid and self-destructive plan.

Ann Coulter once quipped that there was nothing to target in Afghanistan that is worth more than the missile that would be used. But if nothing is worth a missile or bomb, then how much less can anyone justify getting American soldiers killed for such a low-value prize?

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