How Much Do Illegals Cost California Taxpayers Each Year?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve shared how much illegals cost taxpayers in OhioMaryland and North Carolina. The combined cost to taxpayers in those three states amounts to over $4.8 billion a year. Those were followed up with a report on how much illegals were costing Texas taxpayers a year, a state with a greater number of illegals. Based upon figures from 2013, Texas taxpayers were shelling out over $12 billion a year to cover the unwanted costs of illegals.

So what about the nation’s capital for illegals – California?

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) states that as of 2014 there were around 3 million illegals living in California. Ironically, legal immigrants only total up to 2,403,070 as of 2012. The total population of California, as of 2012, was placed at 38,041,430 with illegals comprising nearly 8% of the total state population.

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The estimated annual cost to California taxpayers as of 2014 adds up to $25.3 billion. That’s more than the total operating budgets for some states. This breaks down to approximately $2,370 for every household headed by a US citizen.

According to FAIR:

“Nearly half of those expenditures ($12.3 billion) result from the costs of K-12 education for the children of illegal aliens — both those illegally in the country and those born in the United States. Another major outlay ($2.1 billion) results from the need to provide supplemental English language instruction to Limited English Proficient students, many of whom are children of illegal aliens. Together, these educational costs are 57.1 percent of total expenditures.”

“Other fiscal outlays result from the costs of medical care ($4.0 billion), public assistance services ($800 million), administration of justice functions ($4.4 billion), and general governmental services ($1.6 billion).”

The 2015-16 fiscal year budget for the entire state of California is $167.6 billion. The cost for illegals comprises nearly 15% of the total state budget while only comprising nearly 8% of the population.

Adding the annual cost of California’s illegals to the costs of Ohio, Maryland, North Carolina and Texas, we get a total of $42.1 billion per YEAR that taxpayers are being forced to pay thanks to Obama’s failure to enforce federal immigration laws. Perhaps the best solution would be to bill him and his fellow cronies for the cost incurred by illegals. I wonder if they would be so welcoming if they had to personally pay the bill?


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