The news is giddy over the latest march. This time it was the “March for Science” as if most Americans are against science. Once some group claims there’s a problem (whether it’s real or not) the government needs to do something to fix it. And what’s the number one way to save science from the growing so-called anti-science public? Money. “Give us more money, and we’ll fix everything,” is the liberal mantra.

Let’s get real. More than 95 percent of all children K-12 attend public (government schools). If science is in such a sad state, then it’s the fault of government education which is very well financed with confiscatory taxation at every level of government.

If we have a science problem in the United States, and most children attend government schools, then we don’t need to be marching for science. We should be marching against the failed policies of public schooling.

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If a company is turning out an inferior product, then that company should be brought into the light. But identifying government (public) education as part of the problem would mean being against the largest union in the nation, the highly politicized textbook industry, colleges and universities that have education degree programs that rarely teach facts, liberal establishment media, LGBTQ pressure groups, and the Democrat Party.

Science is not a neutral fact-based enterprise devoid of human operating assumptions. It has never been. Evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould wrote: “The stereotype of a fully rational and objective ‘scientific method,’ with individual scientists as logical (and interchangeable) robots, is self-serving mythology.”1

Objectivity in science, as in everything else, has its limits:

“Beware of the man who tells you that he will explain — fully explain — any complex human action or event by resort[ing] to ‘coldly objective,’ ‘empirically verifiable,’ ‘statistical data.’ He is deceiving himself, and perhaps seeking to deceive you. For in the first place we do not all see the same event in exactly the same way, let alone interpret it the same way — not even events which do not involve the complicating factor of human purpose.”2

Try using tried and true scientific fact-based arguments against scientists who claim that there is no longer an argument regarding man-made climate change (what used to be global cooling then global warming). Of course, the climate changes, and there are multiple reasons for it.

Try arguing that transgenderism has no scientific validity, that people who identify as whatever sex they want are no different from delusional white people who identify as black. Most of today’s scientists know that transgenderism and racial identity claims are scientifically bogus. Most scientists won’t say anything to challenge the narrative for fear of being attacked and losing grant money and even their jobs.

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