How to Defuse an Abortionist’s Arguments – Part 2

Two days ago, I posted How to Defuse a Pro-Abortionist’s Arguments, and had some great comments.  There was one in particular that I wanted to explore a little further plus another non-religious argument that I found online.

A regular commenter to our site posted:

“Also effective is pointing out the inconsistencies when it comes to laws that protect wildlife …like the California Condor and its eggs…where fines and jail time are imposed for killing an adult or destroying an egg (which is NOT a full grown Condor but which no one would argue is not a Condor)”

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I’m ashamed to admit that as a trained wildlife biologist, this type of argument never occurred to me.  I’ve always talked about saving a whale and killing a baby, but never did it dawn on me the aspect of the condor’s egg.

An egg is identical in development to an unborn child, the only difference being the location of the womb.  The developing condor chick’s umbilical cord is attached to the yolk sac in the egg from which it derives its nutrition.  The umbilical cord of an unborn human is attached to the mother’s placenta from which it derives its nutrition.  Both unborns are encased in an embryonic sac.  The condor’s sac is then surrounded by a calcium hardened shell whereas the human child’s embryonic sac is encased by the mother’s womb.

So why is it okay to kill an unborn human at the same stage of development when it is against state and federal law to kill or destroy the egg of a California condor?

While this argument sounds great, there is a fatal flaw in it.  What about all of the other kind of bird eggs that people eat – chicken, duck, goose, turkey, quail, ostrich, etc.?  What makes the condor egg so special and protected is that it is a rare and endangered species, whereas the other birds and humans are not.  So I would be cautious in using this argument with an abortionist.

The other argument I would like to explore is the one many abortionists use.  Have you ever heard an abortionist argue that abortions are safer and less harmful to women than giving live birth?

A recently released study conducted in Denmark has shown that the death rate for women having an abortion on the first pregnancy was significantly higher than the death rate of mothers during the process of giving birth.  The study looked at the statistics over a 30 year period and found the death rates during the first trimester and after the first trimester were substantially higher for those having abortions than for those dying as a result of the birthing process.  They also looked at the mortality rate of women after they had an abortion or gave live birth for a period of up to 10 years.  Their conclusion states:

“Conclusions: Compared to women who delivered, women who had an early or late abortion had significantly higher mortality rates within 1 through 10 years. A lesser effect may also be present relative to miscarriage. Recommendations for additional research are offered.”

Dr. David C. Reardon, director of the Elliot Institute commented on the report saying:

“[They] were able to look at link records, death certificate records and the complete reproductive history, and the results showed that compared to women who gave birth, women who had abortions were about twice as likely to die in each of the ten years following an abortion. It was evident even within the first 180 days.”

“[They] basically take reports of maternal deaths and abortion deaths, when there’s no systematic way of gathering them, and they just claim that abortion is like 14 times safer than childbirth.

“Whereas, in fact, three different data sets from three different countries — the United States, Finland and Denmark — show that the opposite is true, that abortion has a higher mortality rate than childbirth.”

For my conclusion, I would be cautious using the condor egg argument to defuse an abortionist.  However, if you ever have one claim that it’s safer and healthier for a woman to have an abortion that to give live birth, you now have the facts to defuse that argument and may even want to use it with those from the previous post.  Before long, abortionists won’t have a leg to stand on except for their own personal belief and then it’s time to turn to Scripture.

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