How to Stop Home Invasions? 12 Gauge Shotgun!

Sarah McKinley of Oklahoma City has had a holiday experience that no one should ever have to endure.

In September, Sarah, 18 years old, gave birth to a little boy.  What should have been a blessed event and bring hope to the future, soon faded away as her husband died of cancer on Christmas Day.  One of the two bright lights in Sarah’s life had been snuffed out and all she had left was her three month old infant son, to whom she clung to for all the world was worth.

On the day of her husband’s funeral, Sarah was visited by a young man who claimed to be a neighbor that just wanted to stop by and say hello.  She did not let him in her house as she did not know him.

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On New Year’s Eve, the same young man, 24 year old Justin Martin returned to Sarah’s house and wanted in.  This time, Justin was accompanied by a friend, Dustin Stewart and a 12 inch long hunting knife.  Fortunately Sarah’s doors were locked as the two men tried to enter the house, but could not.

Instead of leaving, they continued to knock on the door, try the door knob and then proceeded to check other doors and windows.  Sarah quickly went to the bedroom, put a baby bottle in her son’s mouth, grabbed her 12 gauge shotgun and handgun and then called 911.

When speaking to 911, she asked if she was allowed to shoot an intruder since it was just her and her baby home alone.  The operator said they could not give that permission but that she did need to use whatever means necessary to protect her son and herself.

Sarah shouted out to the would be intruders that she had a shotgun, but that did not deter them.  Eventually, Martin kicked in Sarah’s door and went after her with the hunting knife in his hand.  In an act of self-preservation, Sarah fired her 12 gauge shotgun, dropping Martin in his tracks.  Martin’s accomplice, Dustin Stewart fled the scene, but later turned himself in to police.

When the police finally arrived they found Martin lying dead in a pool of blood.  After examining the evidence of the door kicked in, the knife, and the 911 call, the police have ruled the shooting was a justified use of deadly force in self-protection.

If gun control advocates like Obama and Hillary Clinton had their way, it would have been illegal for Sarah to have had any firearms in the house, in which case the police would probably have found her body lying in pool of blood and her three month old son would have been dead or parentless for the rest of his life.

I once worked with a man who stood six foot four and was built like a football player.  One day we got into a discussion about guns and he said he was against gun ownership and doing any harm to anyone else.  I knew he had two young daughters and pretty wife, so I asked him what he would do if a guy broke into his house and started to physically and sexually attack his wife and daughters.  He said he would try to get the guy to stop, but could never bring himself to use physical violence against the intruder, even it meant that his wife and daughters continued to be attacked and ravaged.  He was a Roman Catholic and not a Quaker as some might think.  When his wife found out about his pacifist views from another person involved in the conversation, she was furious that he would not rise to defend her or the girls.

This is the type of people that Obama and Clinton want all Americans to be like.  They want them to be unarmed pacifists that won’t raise a finger against anyone else.

Not me!  I believe that every man, woman and child in America needs to be like Sarah McKinley who not only has a loaded gun in the house, but knows how and when to use it.  If more American’s were like her, I truly believe we would have a lot fewer home invasions, rapes and burglaries.

While my heart grieves for Sarah and all she has endured in the past month, my hat goes off to her for her courageous and forceful defense of her child and herself.  May God be with her now and in the future.

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