How to Strip America’s Military Might in Two Easy Steps

For the past century, America has proven to be the most powerful military nation on the face of the earth. But thanks to Obamanomics and liberal tree huggers, our nation may soon be weakened to no more than a second or third rate military force.

The first step was taken a few weeks ago when the ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy was eliminated. Starting in September of this year, gays and lesbians may openly serve in the military. A number of once career oriented service personnel have already expressed their disdain for the immoral standards being adopted by the military and are starting to opt out before retirement.

Now a panel of military advisors in the Pentagon has proposed a complete overhaul and change to the current military retirement program.

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Currently, military personnel are eligible to retire at half pay after serving 20 years. This allows many men and women who have faithfully served our nation with the possibility of sacrificing their lives for our freedoms, the chance to retire at a reasonable age and start a second career. Most career enlisted personnel cannot survive on half pay, but it gives them a chance to find a civilian job or start a second career to supplement what the retirement lacks.

The new proposal wants to do away with the current 20 year retirement program and replace it with a 401K type retirement package. They argue that it would save the military billions of dollars and allow men and women who serve less than 20 years the chance to still have some kind of retirement.

Opponents are pointing out that 401K retirement accounts cannot be drawn on prior to reaching a minimum retirement age. This would mean that if someone wanted to retire from the military after 20 yeas, whether they are an enlisted personnel or a commissioned officers, they would have no income to draw on except for some type of civilian job until they reach the government specified retirement age.

Additionally, millions of Americans have seen the value of their 401Ks roller coaster up and down over the past several years. Many saw them drop by over 50%.

Based upon this history, what kind of retirement future would a career military person have to look forward to? What incentive would anyone have to make the military a career with no guarantee of what their retirement account would look like?

What incentive would they have to offer to defend our nation and possibly sacrifice their lives for?

If adopted, this proposal will save our military billions of dollars in retirement costs, but may cost them much more in the long run with the mass exodus of personnel who no longer have a reason to stay. It is sure to weaken our military to the point of making us much more vulnerable to all those who already hate us and want to destroy us.

Yep, two easy steps to strip America’s military might

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