How Would You Rate America’s Education System?

Depending on where you are in the US, will certainly have an affect on how you would rate your local schools and the nation’s school system in general.

I have a granddaughter whose school has failed state and national standards the past two years. Her school is not the only one in that area to fail the standards over the past five plus years. In hearing this, I was reminded that in her area, there was a major uproar a few years back from all of the local school officials. It seems the county school board wanted to raise the minimum standards allowing students to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports and band. They wanted the new minimum standard to be a grade point average of 1.5 or better, and that is based on 4.0 being an A. All of the local high school and junior high school principals were in an uproar claiming that the D- standards would cause them to lose over half of their athletes.

How would people in that area rate their school system? I would hope they would be appalled and demand something be done.

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Then in other areas where I have friends and families, the schools consistently test well above the national average. These schools have had a minimum extracurricular requirement of a 3.0 grade point average, based upon the same 4.0 equals an A. Do they have a shortage of athletes? On the contrary, they have a number of athletes who earn scholarships, both athletic and academic to colleges and universities across the land.

How do the people in these areas rate their local schools? I can tell you for a fact that the schools there get very high ratings from parents.

Having this background, I found it interesting to see a recent Gallup/PDK education poll. This poll revealed that 79% of parents grade their local schools at an A or B grade while only 17% of the same group polled gave the same grade to the nation’s school system as a whole.

Not surprising was that 47% of those polled believed that teacher’s unions are harmful to the quality of education. Hopefully more and more parents are realizing that the National Education Association (NEA) is one of the most liberal unions in the nation. The NEA openly endorses homosexual lifestyles and teaching ALL public school kids that being gay is normal and okay. Not only do they endorse it, they use union funds to support gay activist organizations. The NEA also believes in offering free contraception to students without parental knowledge or permission.

So how do you rate your local school systems and the national school system? Do you believe the Department of Education and the NEA are doing a good job in educating our kids and grandkids?

I can tell you this, from what I’ve seen of the public school system in general and in view of court rulings such as the one this past week that allows teachers to opening criticize a student’s Christian faith in front of other students, I advocate home school or private school now more than ever. If every Christian pulled their kids out of the public school system, perhaps those running it might finally start to listen.

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