Could Huckabee Beat Hillary In 2016?

Even though the next presidential election is three years out, candidates are starting to strut their stuff like a bunch of banty roosters before entering the hen house.  On the Democrats’ side it seems that the top hen, Hillary Clinton is the one ruling the roost, but in the Republican chicken coop, there’s a lot of strutting with no clear leader.  The one rooster that seems to be showing a little more popularity than the other roosters is Chris Christie, whose polices better match those of the Democrats than the Republicans.

The Washington Post recently posted a list of the top ten Republican candidates in the order that the Post thinks they will finish in the 2016 primaries:

  1. Chris Christie – New Jersey Gov.
  2. Rand Paul – Sen. Kentucky
  3. Ted Cruz – Sen. Texas
  4. Scott Wallace – Gov. Wisconsin
  5. Jeb Bush – former Gov. Florida
  6. Marco Rubio – Sen. Florida
  7. Bobby Jindal – Gov. Louisiana
  8. John Kasich – Gov. Ohio
  9. Raul Ryan – Rep. Wisconsin
  10. Mike Pence – Gov. Indiana

From most of the early polls and surveys I’ve seen, none of these men stand a prayer of a chance of defeating Hillary Clinton.

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Now a new rooster is crowing about the possibility of entering into the fray.  Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee just announced that the time may be right to consider another run for the 2016 Republican ticket.  He didn’t come right out and announce definite candidacy, but did share that he has been getting a lot of encouragement to run ‘from places where I never got it before.’

Some of that encouragement has been coming from business people considered by many to be part of the establishment or power players.

Huckabee made a strong showing in 2008 until his money ran out and he was forced to withdraw from the race.  Speaking about what happened in 2008 and the possibility of a 2016 race, he told the New York Times:

“If I talk to people and they say, ‘If you run, we’re in and we’re in a big way,’ that’s going be helpful.  If I don’t hear that, you know what? This will be a real easy decision for me to make because I’ve jumped in a pool without water before and it’s a hard hit at the bottom.”

Polls conducted by Huckabee supporters have indicated that he would make a strong showing in Iowa and South Carolina.  The same poll indicated that Christie, thought to be the top candidate would not make as strong of showing as Huckabee.

I’ve always liked Huckabee for his conservative and Christian views.  If there was an election today, there would be a strong chance that I would vote him.  However, I’m not sure that he would be able to defeat Hillary.

Just like the majority of blacks voted for Obama because of the color of his skin and not for his record or policies, a large majority of women would vote for Hillary solely because of her sex.  They would vote just to get the first female president.

I believe the best chances for the GOP to win the White House in 2016 would be to have a woman on the ticket, preferably as the presidential candidate over vice president.  But who could possibly pull that off?

I recently mentioned Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, but that article came under instant fire from conservatives.  Looking around, I only see two possible women that would stand a chance of defeating Hillary in 2016, and no, I’m not even considering Sarah Palin.  My two choices are former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.

However, Rice has recently stated emphatically that she has no desire to run for president.  I know there are those, among the conservative realms, that will not favor Haley either, but they need to ask themselves two questions: are there any perfect candidates and who would have the best chance of defeating Hillary in 2016?

Perhaps a Haley/Huckabee ticket in 2016 just may be able to pull it off.


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