Huckabee First Politician To Admit America Has A Sin Problem

In the wake of the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, many politicians and other public figures have made comments about the incident.  Most of the liberals point to the need for more gun control while conservatives point to problems within our society as a whole.

However, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is the only politician or major public figure that identified the real problem behind the shootings and our culture in general.  In an interview with Fox News over the weekend, Huckabee said:

“We simply don’t know why any person would reach deep enough into the forces of darkness to decide to kill innocent people simply watching a movie.”

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“I’m not attempting to disparage the attention being given to the Aurora theatre shooting.  We should all pray for the victim, their families and friends and offer our help for the physical and emotional recovery of the survivors. But the victim of a murder in a convenience store robbery or a wife who dies at the hands of a serial abuser is also precious life.”

“Ultimately, we don’t have a crime problem or a gun problem – or even a violence problem. What we have is a sin problem. And since we ordered God out of our schools and communities, the military and public conversations, you know, we really shouldn’t act so surprised when all hell breaks loose.”

Not only have we ordered God out of all major aspects of life, but the public schools teach that we are nothing more than just another animal produced by millions of years of godless evolution.  We have nothing or no one to be accountable to other than ourselves.  Survival of the fittest and the strongest rules over the weaker are taught as nature’s way.

Look back at the Columbine school shooting back in 1999 when Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 12 other students and a teacher before they took their own lives.  Subsequent investigation turned up evidence that they were partially influenced by evolutionary teaching.  On the day of the shootings, one of the killers was wearing a t-shirt that read ‘Natural Selection.’

In 2009, Pekka-Eric Auvinen went on a shooting spree at his high school in Finland, resulting in 9 dead including himself.  Before the attack, Auvinen posted on YouTube and elsewhere his beliefs and the reasons for his actions.  Here are those reasons gleaned from YouTube and other sources:

  • ‘I am a cynical existentialist, antihuman humanist, antisocial social darwinist, realistic idealist and godlike atheist.’
  • ‘Life is just a coincidence … result of long process of evolution and many several factors, causes and effects.’
  • ‘There are no other universal laws than the laws of nature and the laws of physics.’
  • ‘Evolution is both a theory and a fact, creationism is neither one.’
  • ‘Religious people, your gods are nothing and exists only in your heads. Your slave morals means nothing to me. I’m the god & devil of my own life.’
  • ‘What is the best thing in life? It ends. Well I guess there are some other great things, worth living for, but sometimes you lose them or don’t get them.’
  • ‘Trust no one … and rely on your instincts.’
  • ‘I’m the dictator of my own life.’
  • ‘Human life is not sacred. Humans are just a species among other animals and world does not exist only for humans. Death is not a tragedy, it happens in nature all the time between all species. Not all human lives are important or worth saving. Sometimes I feel like no one is really worth [sic] of life at all.’
  • ‘Today the process of natural selection is totally misguided. Modern human race has not only betrayed its ancestors, but the future generations too.’
  • ‘It’s time to put NATURAL SELECTION & SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST back on track!’
  • ‘I cannot say that I am of the same race as this miserable, arrogant and selfish human race. No! I have evolved a step higher.’
  • ‘I am prepared to fight and die for my cause. I, as a natural selector, will eliminate all who I see unfit, disgraces of the human race and failures of natural selection.’
  • ‘The faster the human race is wiped out from this planet, the better … no one should be left alive. No mercy for the scum of earth.’
  • ‘I am the law, judge and executioner. There is no higher authority than me.’

When you remove one religion from prominence (Christianity) another will come in to fill the void and that religion is a combination of naturalism, humanism and hedonism.  In all three, there is no real check and balance for sin.  Almost any behavior can be approved of in one way or another.  The result is that sin runs rampant and rules the nation.

Mike Huckabee is so right when he said that America has a sin problem.  The only way to correct that problem is to bring God and the Bible back into American society, government and schools.  We need to once again use the Bible as a textbook in every classroom.  We also need more pastors to actually preach the Bible and what sin is instead of just trying to make everyone feel good about themselves.

Yes, America has a huge sin problem and God, Jesus and the Bible are the only solutions.

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