Huffington Poll Finds Most Support Abortion Restrictions After 20 Weeks

It surely must be upsetting to the feminazis at Planned Parenthood and NOW when even a hard-liberal organization like the Huffington Post can’t whip up support for the abortion cause.

A poll sponsored  by the Huffington Post found 59 percent of Americans would favor a federal ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

The same poll found only 30 percent opposed such a ban.

An online poll that accompanied the story about the HuffPost/YouGov poll showed that Huffington Post readers were, as expected, far more liberal on the issue than the rest of America. At this writing, the online poll was running with 31 percent for a ban to 67 percent opposed among Huffington Post readers.

On the question of the legality of abortion, the HuffPost/YouGov poll found 46 percent of Americans felt it should be legal, though 27 percent favored some restrictions. A similar 47 percent feel it should be illegal, with 30 percent saying there should be certain exceptions.

Among the Huffington Post readers, however, a full 50 percent want abortion to always be legal, including after the point of survivability of the baby. In addition to the infanticide fans, 28 percent of Huffington readers feel abortion should be legal with some restrictions. Only 21 percent felt abortion should ever be illegal.

The HuffPost/YouGov poll found about half of respondents consider abortion morally wrong and only 12 percent consider it morally acceptable, with 24 percent amazingly considering it not a moral issue at all.

Not surprisingly, most respondents, 63 percent, want the government to butt out of abortion decisions and leave the actual choices between a woman and her doctor.

The Huffington Post story tries to parlay this into an excuse why its own poll’s major finding is wrong, saying that people who respond to polls about political issues are often uninformed and make choices based on question wording. It seems a more likely conclusion that many of those respondents simply  favor allowing choices within the constraints of legal restrictions on abortion.

The story dubs about 30 percent of respondents “conflicted” because they believe both that abortion is morally wrong and that an abortion decision should be kept between a woman and her doctor. But there’s nothing conflicted about that position; it’s in keeping with the American tradition of not forcing your own views on other people.

The Huffington Post story then further tries to overturn its own poll’s findings by quoting an ACLU pollster as saying that most people believe abortion is a “complicated” issue. Duh.

The final shovelful of dirt the Huffington Post throws on the poll is pure speculation that if respondents thought a law might actually shut down abortion clinics, then it would not be favored as strongly.

As amusing as it is to watch the Huffington Post’s pretensions of being an impartial news outlet backfire on its writers, the editors might just want to save their money next time and go back to making up the numbers that suit their readers’ political views.

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