Human Rights Commission Charging Christian Leaders of Hate

Have you ever heard the old expression of the pot calling the kettle black or warning someone not to throw stones in a glass house? They speak of one’s hypocrisy of accusing others of things they themselves are just as guilty of. My favorite statement about hypocrisy was spoken by Jesus in Matthew 7:4-5:

“Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

So when I see LGBT activists accusing Christian leaders of hate and mounting a campaign against them, I automatically want to tell them to take the log out of their own eye before they try to take the speck out of the eyes of Christians. After all, who has been mounting a very active and aggressive campaign against Christianity and Christian values if not the very same LGBT activists making the accusations?

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Case in point is the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, which is truly a misnomer. They are not for all human rights, just their own rights at the cost of the rights of any who disagree with them.

In one of their latest tirades against those who see them for what they are, SINNERS, they have published an online guide to Christian leaders who oppose gay rights. The document is called The Export of Hate. Their document opens with the following statement:



“According to recent data from the Pew Research Center, the disapproval of homosexuality in many nations around the world remains deeply entrenched. In most of the 40 nations surveyed, more than 50 percent of respondents consider it ‘morally unacceptable,’ with that number above 90 percent in seven countries.”

“Being LGBT in nearly 80 nations remains a criminal offense, and the road to societal acceptance and full equality under the law remains perilously long for citizens in these and many other countries.”

“While LGBT people around the world face systematic stigmatization, persecution and violence, there exists a network of American extremists who are working tirelessly to undercut them at every turn. These individuals are spreading venomous rhetoric, outrageous theories and discredited science. Some claim that LGBT people are responsible for the Holocaust, the Rwandan genocide and the spread of HIV/AIDS. Others argue that LGBT people are luring away children, and that acceptance of LGBT people will lead to the destruction of families around the world. Some even suggest that the death penalty may be an appropriate punishment for homosexuality.”

“While this vicious brand of bigotry is currently finding little traction in the United States, public opinion in many other nations makes their words and work much more dangerous. In fact, their actions pose a fundamental threat to the safety of LGBT people around the world, and that threat is growing.”

“These extremists are securing audiences with heads of government and their spouses, testifying before parliaments and gatherings of lawmakers and building relationships with faith leaders and other prominent citizens. Their organizations are lobbying United Nations delegates, getting involved in the drafting of constitutions and intervening in international court cases that affect the rights and lives of LGBT people.”

“Disturbingly, in their advocacy of bigotry and anti-LGBT policies, their voices are being heard and their impact is being felt. They’re active in nations on five continents, with concentrations of activity in Eastern Europe and Africa.”

“With anti-LGBT losses mounting in the United States, and with strong indications of increased activity abroad, more must be done to expose this work and the people doing it.”

“In the pages to follow, The Export of Hate profiles some of the many individuals and organizations dedicated to this shared global mission. We outline the connections and associations between them, the nations in which they’re active and some of the resources at their disposal.”

Then they proceed to list the names of 14 Christians along with what organizations they are with and the reported donations and assets of the organization. Topping their list is Scott Lively with Abiding Truth Ministries. If I was Lively, I would be proud to be a number on the LGBT hate list because that would indicate that he is having a strong impact to fight the sinful anti-biblical lifestyle of homosexuals.

Others on the list are:

  • Benjamin Bull, Chief Counsel and Executive Vice President and Executive Director of Alliance Defending Freedom.
  • Jordan Sekulow, Director of International Operations of the American Center for Law and Justice.
  • Peter LaBarbera, President of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality.
  • Paul Cameron, Chairman of the Family Research Institute.
  • Sharon Slater, President of Family Watch International.
  • Robert Oscar Lopez, Associate Professor of English at Cal State-Northridge who travels and speaks against homosexuality.
  • Brian Brown, President of National Organization for Marriage.
  • Larry Jacobs, Managing Director of the World Congress of Families.
  • Brian Camenker, Founder of MassResistance.
  • Matt Staver, Vice President Liberty University, Dean and Professor of Law, Director of Liberty Center for Law and Policy.
  • Michael Brown, Founder of FIRE School in Ministry.
  • Janice Shaw Crouse, with Concerned Women for America & World Congress of Families.
  • Scott Stirm, American missionary working in Belize.

WOW! Wouldn’t it be an honor and privilege to be included on that list with those Christians who are standing up for God’s Word and Christian values?

The thing is none of those people are the hate mongers they are being depicted to be. The opposite is true. They love God’s people and only want to help people resist from falling into the trap of sin and depravity and to help those who have fallen to get out of the trap and turn their lives around for Christ.

Scott Lively responded to be being number one on the HRC list as well as on the hate list generated by the Southern Pacific Law Center, saying:

“Not every ‘gay’ activist is physically violent, thankfully. Most limit their ‘human rights advocacy’ to harassment, intimidation and slander, but make no mistake, if they thought they could get away with killing every person on the HRC and SPLC hit lists, they would do it. They smolder with malicious hatred against anyone who stands in their way.”

“I care for all people who struggle with homosexual sin and want them all to be delivered from their bondage. I love them enough to tell them the truth, even though they hate me for it… None of my comments, taken in context, encourage hatred or violence against homosexuals.”

Michael Brown, author of Can You Be Gay and Christian, also commented about HRC’s campaign of hatred, saying:

“The truth be told, it is the HRC that is engaging in destructive activism by spreading misinformation and inciting fear, and it is the HRC that must be exposed. Thankfully, they got one thing right in the report, stating that our ‘voices are being heard’ and our ‘impact is being felt.’ By God’s grace, as we continue to speak the truth in love, the real bigots will be revealed.”

Just like most racial activists, the people with HRC are among the strongest bigots and haters there are. They want us to tolerate and accept them but they are completely unwilling to accept that we disagree with their sinful lifestyle. These LGBT activists are themselves the most hateful and intolerant people in our society. They have launched an organized attack against Christianity and marriage yet accuse Christian leaders of the heinous crime of mounting an attack of the LGBT lifestyle.

Before the HRC group starts accusing others of hatred, they need to take the log out of their own eye and take a good look in the mirror.

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