Hundreds of Young Students Exposed to College’s Condom Celebration

Many of today’s college campuses have become bastions for left-wing liberal propaganda.  I’ve seen dozens and dozens of testimonies of conservative evangelical Christian teenagers who are transformed into liberal atheists after just a few years of college.

Forty years ago when I was in college, I had college professors that told our class that their role was to destroy our Christian belief and force us to face the reality of that there is no God, no one to be accountable to as we believe and that man was left to his own desires.  I saw these professors harass Christian students in front of fellow classmates and flaunt their liberal ideologies in front of them.

Forty years later, that same liberal ideology has been overflowing on college campuses and things that were still considered taboo back then are now being proudly displayed for all to see and they don’t care who sees it.  Case in point recently happened on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley, which is a campus long known for its liberalness.

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UC Berkeley, in their liberal tradition celebrated National Condom Week.  And would it surprise you to learn that the President of UC Berkeley is Janet Napolitano, former Secretary of Homeland Security under President Obama.

During the college’s perverse celebration of National Condom Week, hundreds of elementary and middle school kids toured the college campus.  The field trips were supposed to be for educational purposes, but the kids received a much different kind of education than what was planned for.

The school kids saw numerous sexually graphic displays including a man wearing a penis costume who was walking around the campus handing out condoms.  According to College Fix, they saw a ‘vagina-anus condom toss, a vulva and anus pin the tail and a condom water balloon.’

Each day of the week had its own theme.  Monday was ‘Hot-DAMn Monday’ which dealt with do-it-yourself barrier methods including dental dams, gloves and finger cots.  Next came ‘Insert-it Tuesday’ which dealt with how to use insertive condoms in a vagina and anus.  That was followed by ‘Wear-One Wednesday’ which focused on condoms that are used on the penis.

The day the school kids visited was ‘All-of-the-above Thursday’ which combined ‘all of the safer and sex information and activities and bring them to you on (one) exhilarating day!’

Berkeley student Claire Chiara commented about what the school kids were exposed to, saying:

“There were kids walking by and looking and being confused.  It’s just really inappropriate.”

“There were hundreds of middle school and elementary schoolchildren doing tours and activities on the lawn.  They were told explicitly, ‘You can’t give condoms to a 10-year-old.’ We had little lines of children walking down Sproul (Plaza) next to all the demonstrations, the guy in the penis suit, everything.”

Celebrations like this have become more commonplace on campuses across the nation. As a parent, you need to ask yourself if you want your child attending such a college or university that celebrates condoms and open sexual permissiveness?

Remember me saying earlier that US Berkeley President was Napolitano?  As the school kids were standing in full display of all of the sexually perverse activities, Napolitano was also present and did nothing to protect the young students from witnessing the debauchery taking place before their eyes.  This is classic liberalism that has been rife in the Obama administration.

Truly, America is becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah before their destruction and like Rome just before it fell from its mighty stature.  In fact, America has already started its fall from power and respect and unless our nation and our leaders humble themselves before God, confess our sins and beg for forgiveness, God will continue to turn His face against us and we will certainly become a nation of ruin and moral desolation.

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