Hungary & Head of German Police Union Smarter Than Obama

Illegal aliens are costing US taxpayers billions of dollars every year. Yesterday I reported that illegals are costing Ohio taxpayers nearly $900 million a year and they are not a state with some of the highest concentrations of illegals.

Besides the financial cost of illegals, they do take jobs away from Americans as was proven in 2011 when Alabama enforced their new immigration laws. Within two months of the law going into effect, the unemployment rate in Alabama dropped 1.1% as a direct result in thousands of illegals leaving the state.

Illegals are also posing a health hazard. A drug resistant strain of tuberculosis has been found in a number of illegals. This strain of TB has a mortality rate of up to 60% in some sectors of the population. In addition to TB, illegals have carried Dengue Fever, chicken pox and various strains of influenza including H1N1 swine flu.

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Lastly, the unrestricted flow of illegals into the US has opened the doors to Islamic terrorists. I’ve previously written about our government having evidence that ISIS has been in communication with the Mexican drug cartels to help them enter our nation undetected. Ranchers along the Mexican border have reported finding increasing numbers of Muslim items on their lands, left by illegals crossing into the US.

Yet the Obama administration has done virtually nothing to curb the influx if illegal aliens. Instead of securing our border and protecting US citizens, Obama has opened up the Welcome Wagon for illegals and is working hard to make sure they all vote, illegally of course, in the 2016 elections.

Over the past year the media has been busy touting the cause of the thousands of Islamic refugees fleeing Syria and other neighboring areas because of ISIS. We’ve watched as they have migrated north into Europe, trying to cross one national border after another. The media continues to present their story and vilifies anyone or any nation that refuses to let them in.

The media completely ignores the huge financial and security impact that the refuges are placing on some of these countries. Many European nations are on the brink of bankruptcy and cannot afford to start paying out millions of Euros to support the refugees. Some of the countries have expressed concern about the security risks, stating that they suspect members of ISIS have been hiding among the refugees in order to spread their terrorism into other countries.

Hungary ended up completely closing their border to the refugees so the refugees have turned to Croatia who is now being flooded with the Islamic refugees and has been asking neighboring countries to take thousands of refugees off their hands. They asked Slovenia to take 5,000 refugees per day, but Slovenia said no, they can’t take that many. Neighboring Austria has reduced the number of refugees they are allowing to cross the border to only 1,500 per day and even that is stretching their abilities.

Rainer Wendt, head of the German Police Union has publicly stated that he favors building a fence along the German border to stop the flow the refugees. He says that someone has to put on the emergency brakes now and that someone is German Chancellor Angela Merkel. However, she says a fence won’t work, but she fails to realize that Israel built a fence and wall and it has been very effective in limiting illegal crossing into their country. Merkel also fails to realize that Hungary has reported that no refugees have breached their fence since it was quickly installed.

The US needs to do the same. We need to build a fence and wall along our southern border with Mexico, much like the one in Israel or even the one in Hungary. It’s time we secure our borders and protect Americans.

America is also facing a bankruptcy type debt with a deficit of over $16 trillion dollars and growing higher every day. If we can’t afford to pay to take care of ourselves, we certainly can’t afford to take care of nearly 100,000 refugees, especially since the odds of ISIS terrorists hiding amongst them is great. By Obama and Kerry wanting to accept tons of refugees, they are gambling on our security as well as our economy, and I for one don’t believe it’s worth the gamble.

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