“I Don’t Want to Take Your Guns Away” Another Obama Lie

When Barack Obama held his press conference to announce his unconstitutional gun control actions, he told the nation that he doesn’t want to take our guns away as if that one statement would fend off supporters of the Second Amendment.

However, if you look at Obama’s history, you’ll quickly see that his statement was a blatant lie. Everything Obama has done in the past seven years has all pointed to his desire to disarm the American people.

From the very beginning of his first term, Obama pushed for stricter gun control laws. His push for universal background checks including private sales and even gifting. If a grandfather wanted to give his grandson one of his guns, Obama wanted both of them to have a background check first. There is only one real purpose for such a universal background check and that it to identify everyone who owns a gun. At one point Obama even mentioned wanting background checks on the purchase of ammunition. That would help identify people who owned guns that weren’t registered or anyone who had not previously been identified through background checks for the purchase of a firearm.

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Obama has also pushed hard to ban a number of types of guns, especially assault and assault-style weapons. With the support of other liberals like Michael Bloomberg, Obama also tried to get a number of semi-automatic weapons, including many hunting rifles, be classified as assault-style weapons which they want to ban. Oh yeah, the ban doesn’t just refer to purchasing assault-style weapons but also the ownership of them.

Let’s not forget Obama’s support of United Nations’ treaties designed to disarm the populace of a number of nations. For instance, Obama fully supported the UN Small Arms Treaty which supposedly bans the international trade of firearms, but also provides a pathway to ban private ownership of the types of guns defined by the treaty as small arms. Their classification of small arms includes virtually every handgun along with the vast majority of hunting, sport and target rifles and shotguns.

If ratified by the US Senate, the federal government could legally start going door-to-door confiscating everyone’s guns. It would put an end to all hunting, trap and skeet competitions and other target shooting competitions. It would be the end of all gun, gun accessories and ammunition manufacturing in America, putting thousands of Americans out of work.

It would also be a nationwide environmental disaster. Without regulated hunting, animal populations would explode beyond what the environment could support. Hundreds of millions of acres would be drastically over grazed resulting in the alternation of the environment and increasing erosion. It would also result in millions of animals dying from disease and starvation. History shows that when a population explodes it results in up to 80% of animals dying off. America would never look the same again.

History also shows us that disarming a population results in higher violent crime rates because only criminals could get guns and no one would be able to protect themselves, their families or their homes.

This is what Obama wants. His actions fully support the disarming of America, increasing the rates of violent crimes and the destruction of America’s wildlife and landscape. So when he stands in front of the nation and states that he doesn’t want to take our guns away, he’s lying through his teeth.

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