ICE Director Slams Sanctuary Cities, Praises Border Wall: ‘Why Wouldn’t We Want It?’

Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan says that a border wall would absolutely work, and there’s no reason why we wouldn’t want it! Not to mention, it would make his job a little easier.

Homan criticized sanctuary cities and California’s new claim to being a “sanctuary state.” They are working “backwards” he says, and I agree! How can we expect people to obey the law if people like California Governor Jerry Brown are continuously rewarding criminals?

Sanctuary cities, as he explained, attack the very foundation of laws in the United States.

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Homan said, “Sanctuary cities don’t want to fund a border wall to keep illegal aliens out, but they want to fund sanctuary cities to keep illegal aliens in.” He added, “They can call themselves a sanctuary city. There is no sanctuary from federal law enforcement”

He continued, “The border wall is a good tool. We have proven it worked. Why would we not want to do it?”

Of course it works! It isn’t 100% fool proof but it will greatly cut down on the illegal immigration into our country.

Fox News Insider reports:

California Governor Jerry Brown disagreed, claiming his bill “does not prevent or prohibit Immigration and Customs Enforcement or the Department of Homeland Security from doing their own work in any way.”

“He ought to read his bill,” the ICE chief said.

The California bill orders local law enforcement not to ask any immigration questions, not to detain criminals for ICE, and not to inform federal authorities about when the person is released.

Homan assured federal laws would be enforced regardless, condemning “sanctuary” policies as attacks on the respect for law that America was founded on.

Homan concluded, “To enter this country illegally is a crime. We can’t forget that,” Homan added, “That’s a message that has been lost in the last decade.”

Not to mention, there are numerous illegal immigrants who come into our country and steal, rape, and kill American citizens. We cannot stand for that.

Here is the interview on “America’s Newsroom.”:

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