If Illegals Love Their Home Countries So Much, Why Don’t They Go Back?

Over the years, millions of illegal aliens have flooded into our country in hope of a better life. You really can’t blame them, but that does not excuse the fact that they broke the law by entering our country illegally.

Yet, so many of them do their best to turn America into their home country that they fled from.

As more illegals flood into our country, they are changing our culture and our freedoms. We’ve seen instances where American students have been disciplined for wearing or displaying the American flag here in America because it offended Hispanic students, some of which were illegals. A school in California displayed the Mexican flag above the American flag on a Mexican holiday, which is a clear violation of Section 7 (c) of the US Flag Code as passed by Congress in 1942, yet liberal judges have ruled it okay. In some US schools, classes are only taught in Spanish with no effort made to teach English to the illegal Hispanic students.

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Illegals say they are coming here for a better life yet I have personally seen many neighborhoods ruined and turned into Mexican ghettos by the very illegals wanting a better life. The Mesa, Arizona neighborhood I once lived in was a family friendly neighborhood where you felt fairly safe. We had no problem with taking walks at night.

Then illegals from Mexico started moving into the neighborhood. One house would hold 20 to 40 illegals. Soon after, burglaries and graffiti increased. The homes of the illegals turned into trash piles. From there the neighborhood went downhill fast, destroying property values and making it a financial nightmare for good neighbors to sell and move.

Before I left Arizona, the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo became a 3 day celebration and everyone mistakenly referred to it as Mexican Independence Day but it’s not. Sadly, July 4th, American Independence Day usually got an evening of celebration at best.

With Barack Obama’s help, illegals are now demanding rights and privileges that were reserved for US citizens and LEGAL immigrants. As criminals for violating our immigration laws, they have no rights except a swift trip back home.

The latest example of contempt for America displayed by an illegal took place at the recent graduation ceremony at the University of California San Diego. Twenty-two year old Indira Esparza is an illegal and as she crossed the stage she waved a Mexican flag for all to see.

Esparza was brought illegally to the United States at the age of 2 by her family. She has enjoyed all of the benefits of a free public education and the ability to attend college here in the states. You would think that she would be grateful for everything she has received that she had no right to receive, but instead of showing how grateful she was, she chose to insult America and all it’s given her by waving the Mexican flag.

I would like to ask Esparza the same thing I’ve asked some illegals in the past that if they love their home country so much then why don’t they go back instead of trying to change our country into theirs. I wonder if she would respond the way most of them have by telling me ‘f*** off.’ If it were up to me, Esparza would have been summarily detained and deported as soon as she left the stage with her American flag.

I’m all for legal immigration and know many people who have gone through the process of to become naturalized US citizens. My father-in-law legally immigrated from Barbados years ago and he had little tolerance for illegals. I’ve got good friends who also legally immigrated here from other countries and they all seem to agree that illegals should all be deported and if they want to come to the US then they need to do it through legal channels like they did. They also feel offended by the actions of Barack Obama and those who want to grant amnesty and citizenship to illegals who don’t deserve it.

Illegals take heed. This is America, my country and if you don’t like it, then go back to your own country and stop trying to turn my country into the one you fled from!

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