If Obama is Right on Gun Control Then Explain Gun Violence in Chicago & Baltimore

Another tragic mass shooting took place in the US. A deranged man entered a junior college in Oregon to kill Christians. Obama didn’t waste a moment to renew his rhetoric for wanting stricter gun control. He keeps telling the same old lie that stricter background checks, banning certain guns and limiting magazine capacity will eliminate mass shootings and other gun violence.

If Obama is right, then places like Chicago and Baltimore should be the safest cities in the US, but they aren’t!

Just a couple days ago I posted about Chicago’s increased cases of gun violence. Between the state of Illinois, Cook County and the city of Chicago, they have the background checks, ban on certain weapons and limits on magazine capacity. They even require all gun sales be videoed and the videos be made available to law enforcement.

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Yet the past two weekends in the Windy City have seen over 50 people shot. Gun violence has increased in a city that has all of the gun control laws that Obama wants to push onto the entire nation.

Back in June I reported about the increases in homicides rates in Baltimore. Maryland also has strict gun laws and background checks. Gun owners must keep their guns unloaded and locked up at home, making them useless for self-defense. There were 43 homicides in May of this year, making it the third deadliest month in over 44 years. The majority of the murders involved guns.

Australia passed their national gun control laws in 1996. They banned many commonly used guns for hunting including semi-automatic rifles and shotguns and pump action shotguns. The government spent millions of dollars buying guns from Australian citizens. They prided themselves on destroying over 631,000 guns.

Despite claims by Australian Prime Minister John Howard that this would reduce gun violence but the opposite was true. After the gun laws went into effect, here is what happened to the crime rates in Australia:

  • Murders committed with guns increased by 19%.
  • Home invasions increased by 21%.
  • Assaults committed with guns increased by 28%.
  • Armed robberies skyrocketed with an increase of 69%.

Many former gun owners blame the government and their gun control laws for the increases in crimes. They feel helpless in their own homes, unable to protect themselves. In fact, home invasions were so rare prior to the gun ban that the nation did not even have a legal definition for what a home invasion was. Seeing the direct results of what the ban on guns did in Australia, they are now warning us not to follow in their footsteps.

Gun control is not the answer to the increased gun violence in the US. The answer is God. Our nation has removed God and Christianity from all aspects of life. God has been banned from the government, schools and all public areas. Preaching the Bible is being labeled hate language because it points out everyone’s sins. Christians are being forced to violate their faith by catering to homosexuals. Christians in the military are being disciplined for living and expressing their faith. Christians are having their First Amendment rights of free speech when standing outside abortion clinics or outside Muslim festivals in places like Dearborn, Michigan.

Instead of banning guns, America needs to return to its Christian roots and foundation. We need to bring God, Jesus and the Bible back into schools, government and every aspect of American life. We need to stop teaching our children that they are products of a Godless evolutionary process and that they are just another animal that has to fight for survival. They need to be taught the truth that God created us all and that we are accountable for 100% of our actions to Him and that someday we will have a day of accountability before God.

Until America repents and returns to a nation under God, nothing will stop the violence, the killing and our march towards total moral destruction.

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