If Obama Loses in 2012, US Will Have Free and Slave States, Says Top Abortion Provider

Merle Hoffman is president and CEO of Choices Women’s Medical Center, one of the largest women’s health and abortion clinics in the United States. She has been actively involved in women’s health issues since 1971 and now serves as publisher and editor-in-chief of On The Issues Magazine.

Next to the members of the US Supreme Court that ruled in favor of abortion in the Roe v Wade case, probably no other person in the United States has been involved with the premeditated murder of more unborn children than Hoffman has.

On Tuesday, Hoffman appeared at The National Press Club where she told everyone that if any of the Republican candidates get elected and repeal Roe v Wade, that the country will end up with free states that provide abortion and slave states that do not.

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Hoffman uses a statistic stating that 73% of women having abortions are doing so for economic reasons. She makes it sound like this is a fair representation of the general public, but is it? What she doesn’t say is how many of the women seeking abortions are married verses unmarried. How many of them are in their teens and are getting abortions without parental knowledge or permission? What percentages of abortions were for women who are drug addicts, alcoholics or prostitutes?

She speaks of the formation of an underground railway to help pregnant women travel from slave states to free states so they can murder their unborn child. She purposely uses an analogy of slavery in pre-Civil War America in order to invoke a reaction to all of the Republican Candidates.

If Hoffman was sincere about equating abortion with slavery, she should realize that what she and other pro-abortion advocates are doing to unborn children is no different than what slave owners did to their slaves. The very thought of that should help blacks especially to understand the injustice and inhumanity of abortion.

In both slavery and abortion, you have an innocent person who is not free to make choices for themselves. They are treated as nothing more than another’s possession, to be used and disposed of as the owner wants. Both of them are cruel and inhumane and both are wrong!

Thousands of Americans died in the effort to outlaw slavery and give an oppressed people their freedom. One hundred and fifty years later, blacks still talk about slavery and the oppression that some find themselves still experiencing. They talk about how precious the freedom from slavery and oppression is.

Slave owners use to say that they have a right to their slave’s body and the slaves have no rights. Today, liberals say that women have the right to their body and the unborn has no rights.

What’s the difference? There is none. Both are morally wrong! One was stopped. When will we put a stop to the other?

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