If Obamacare Survives Supreme Court, Planned Parenthood Will Start Moving Into Schools

The United States Supreme Court is about to render their decision on Obamacare.  They can rule that the entire package is unconstitutional and throw it out; they can rule that certain parts, such as the insurance mandate, are unconstitutional and throw them out and leave the rest or they can rule that the entire package is legal and it can all stay.

In the event that part or all of Obamacare remains intact after the Supreme Court ruling, Planned Parenthood will be making plans for putting clinics in the public schools.  According to Jim Sedlak, Vice President of the American Life League,

“Planned Parenthood has been pushing for school-based clinics for a long time.  They have set up what they call school-linked clinics, which are clinics right near schools, all the time, and they have gotten into schools before.”

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“In the Obama healthcare program, they actually provide millions of dollars for sex education in the schools and for school-based clinics established in the schools, and if you read the wording of the document really carefully, Planned Parenthood is one of just a few organizations who could qualify to run these in-school clinics.”

Placing Planned Parenthood in charge of sex education and health clinics in schools would be like asking Hugh Hefner to run an abstinence only program.  Planned Parenthood has a history of promoting sexual promiscuity among teenagers.  They also promoted hiding it from parents and in treating and providing birth control and abortions without parental knowledge or permission.

If Obamacare survives and Planned Parenthood gets in the schools, don’t be surprised when your 13 year old son fathers his 12 year old girlfriend’s child.  Or don’t be surprised to learn that you daughter has had two or three abortions by the time she graduates school and you never knew about any of them.  They’ll only be doing what they’re being taught at school.

There’s a lot more riding on the upcoming Supreme Court decision than just the health care issue.  The morality and virtue of your children are also at stake.  If you value them, then pray like you’ve never prayed before that Obamacare is struck down in its entirety.  Otherwise, Sodom and Gomorrah will have nothing on America.

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