If the IRS Scandal Concerns You, Wait Till You See Who’s In Charge of the IRS Enforcement of Obamacare

From all we’ve heard in the news, the IRS targeting of non-profit applications with the name ‘Tea Party’ or ‘Patriot’ started back in 2010 if not earlier.  At that time, Sarah Hall Ingram was the commissioner responsible for all tax-exempt organizations and applications for non-profit status.  Ingram held that position from 2009 through 2012.

Joseph Grant took over for Ingram on May 8, 2013, Grant seems to be the fall guy for the scandal even though most of it began under Ingram’s control.  He has already announced that he would retire on June 3.  In reality, it should be Ingram who is forced to resign and not Grant as the vast majority of illegal actions occurred under her leadership.

So where did Ingram get moved to?  Believe it or not, she is now the director of the IRS division that oversees Obamacare.

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Remember when Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts ruled that the insurance mandate provision of Obamacare was legal because it wasn’t a penalty, but a tax?  Well, Ingram is the IRS director in charge of enforcing that tax – penalty.

One can’t help but wonder if liberal Democrats and Obama’s half-brother will be charged the same tax as conservative, patriotic Republicans will pay under her oversight.  Since I cannot get individual health insurance due to my health condition and the fact that I regularly write scathing articles about President Obama and the rest of the liberal Democrats, I wonder if I’ll get nailed with paying my full tax penalty along with that of some Democrats?

Our only hope is the total repeal of Obamacare.  Late Thursday night, the House voted to repeal the entire Affordable Care Act including the insurance mandate.  The problem now lies with the Democratic controlled Senate.  Hopefully there are a few Senate Democrats that are starting to see the economic catastrophe that will be caused if Obamacare is allowed to take full effect this next January.  All it would take is just 6 of them to join the 45 Republican senators to vote to repeal Obamacare, and Ingram would most likely be out of job and America would be saved from the looming nightmare, at least for now.

We all need to be praying for those 6 votes!

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