If We Had More Doctors, Romney Would Win

There is a huge black cloud on the horizon that’s slowly getting closer and closer.  Like all approaching violent storms, it has an ominous and foreboding look that sends many people to seek shelter, but leaves a few crazies standing outside, waiting to get struck by lightning or blown away by the winds.  The cloud has a name and that name is Obamacare.

Among those seeking shelter from the storm are doctors and members of the medical profession.  They see their doom in the swirling clouds that seem to consume everything in their path.  The only way to survive the impending devastation is to flee to other professions that offer some vestige of safety.

At least that’s the scenario being played out in one poll after another.  One poll released this past summer indicated that 83% of doctors in private practices were seriously considering leaving those practices because of the rising costs of Obamacare.  Many indicated that Obamacare was a complete disaster and that they could not financially afford to remain in practice if it is allowed to take effect.

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A more recent survey indicated that 55% of doctors today would vote for Mitt Romney in hopes of being able to repeal Obamacare.  Only 36% of the doctors surveyed said they would vote for Barack Obama.

Of the 3,660 physicians surveyed in all 50 states, 35% indicated they were Republicans, 26% were Independents, 24% were Democrats, 6% were Libertarians and 7% had no party affiliation at all.

Most of the physicians who said they would vote for Romney were male and either had their own private practice or had an investment in their own practice.  They were also made up mostly of surgeons, radiologists, anesthesiologists, general practitioners and ophthalmologists.

Many of the physicians who said they would vote for Obama were female and worked in hospitals and medical systems.  They were made up largely of pediatricians, psychiatrists (that figures), and those involved in addiction medicine.

Another result of the survey indicated that more physicians are likely to vote in this November’s election than did in 2008.  Obama drew around 40% of the medical vote in 2008 compared to 44% going to McCain.  This year, the difference is greater and in Romney’s favor.

It’s a shame we don’t have more male doctors who have their own private practices to vote this year.  And if Obama wins re-election, it seems we’ll have far fewer around for the next election.

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