If You Can’t Say Anything Bad About Your Opponent, Make It Up

Ah, campaign season.

There’s mud in the air, the attack ads are blossoming and the liars have a spring in their step.

It goes without saying that it’s the Obama camp’s favorite season.

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Democratic National Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was having a good time on MSNBC (All Barack All the Time!), giggling with Alex Wagner about Mitt Romney’s overseas accounts and tax returns.

Asked if Romney had done anything illegal, Wasserman-Schultz said, “We don’t know because Mitt Romney has only released one year of tax returns and an estimate of another year, and that’s totally contrary to his own father when he ran for president, and who said that releasing only one year is unacceptable because it could be an anomaly. Mitt Romney needs to come clean.”

Meanwhile, Vice President Joe Biden, speaking to a meeting of La Raza (the Communist Party must have been booked), was reading from the same party memo, complaining about Romney’s investments and comparing him to his father. “He wants you to show your papers, but he won’t show us his,” Biden said to loud applause from the largely Latino audience.

It’s reminiscent of one of those summer camp storytelling sessions where people try to scare their audience by any means necessary: “… and ever since then, the ghost of Bobby Billy-Bob has haunted this campground … AND HE’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!”

It would be more entertaining if the Democrats wouldn’t all read from the same script, though. Still, “E” for effort.

They’re playing to their core audience, of course: “… and ever since then, Mitt Romney’s had a foreign investment account … AND HE’S MADE MONEY WITH IT!” (Screams from startled audience members.)

And implying unnamed financial improprieties without any evidence, well that’s just the marshmallow on the stick.

The problem is that they think they’re playing to a broader audience. I suspect that after four years of King Obama, however, most American voters are able to see through the act.

Having Obama functionaries accusing Romney of not disclosing information is a little Twilight Zone to say the least. Especially when the storytellers are people like Wasserman-Schultz, who has had her own investments in Swiss bank accounts, the state bank of India and foreign drug companies.

“Deceive, inveigle, obfuscate” is the order of the day at Camp Obama, where the narcissist-in-chief has sealed all his records and uses a Social Security number that may have been issued to a dead person from a state Obama never lived in, and the White House issues a clearly manipulated birth certificate yet no one cares.

It’s understandable why the Obama campaign is tearing down Romney any way it can. King Obama can’t run on his record or anything resembling the truth, so he’s hoping that voters will once again be distracted enough by his campaign rhetoric to fall for his empty promises and non sequiturs a second time around.

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