If You’re White and Like What Toya Graham Did You Must be a Racist

Toya Graham is not a hero. She’s a mom. She’s a parent who apparently cares about the safety and growth of her son. Her actions have caused consternation among those in the liberal media. And for conservatives, any action that causes the lefts panties to bunch is usually considered courageous, even heroic.

One example of bunched panties is Joan Walsh of Salon.com who writes:

“Baltimore’s hero mom has a name. It’s Toya Graham. And the woman lionized nationwide for beating her 16-year-old son on camera, and dragging him away from Monday night’s riots, doesn’t feel at all like a hero.”

Graham did admit during an interview on CBS This Morning that she “just lost it.” And what the heck is wrong with that? It’s not as if her 16-year-old son simply played hooky from school for the day. He was out in the middle of a potentially dangerous and uncertain situation.

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Frankly, if the mom didn’t freak out and “lose it,” we should all be suspect of her.

But, also as a requirement of the left, it’s not just the “beating” that bothers Ms. Walsh. There must also be a racial component to the black mother’s action toward her black son to complete the left’s narrative. Somehow, Ms. Walsh must equate white America’s approval of Graham’s action to racism. She must remind us of the overarching theme that must be present in every story regarding the strife in Baltimore.

She describes that the “beating” made the black mom the “hero too much of white America,” which she classifies as “heartbreaking.”

And why is it so heartbreaking? Why are the honkies cheering Toya?

Joan explains that “anyone white who’s applauding Graham’s moment of desperation, along with the white media figures who are hyping her ‘heroism,’ is essentially justifying police brutality, and saying the only way to control black kids is to beat the sh*t out of them.”

Wow! Is that what I thinking when I watched the video? Until this moment, I was unaware that I was an advocate for police brutality, or beating the sh*t out of black kids. Thanks Joan. Thanks for putting me in touch with my violent “inner racist” I didn’t know was there. Maybe I’ll invite some friends over this weekend for a barbeque and a lynching.

Evidently, according to Ms. Walsh, and I’m sure most of the left, if you’re white and appreciate the fact that a mother, any mother, cares enough to worry about the safety of her child by slapping him around, somehow this equates to justifying police brutality.

Walsh explains that “if Graham beat her child like that in the aisles of CVS, you can be sure somebody would call CPS [child protective services].”

Ms. Walsh, I think you’re right about that, unless of course there were looters, rioters and riot police present in the CVS and said child was wearing a black mask and appeared to be partaking in the rioting. Then, just like this incident, I doubt CPS would get a single call.

mother's day card

The thing that appears to escape Ms. Walsh is the fact that this mother cared enough to freak out, rundown her son, potentially putting herself in harm’s way and not seeming to care about that, in order to remove her kid from a situation that she knew would not end well otherwise.

Maybe if more mothers cared enough to occasionally use corporal punishment or “tough love,” we wouldn’t have the problems we currently do in the inner city, or anywhere else for that matter.

It’s people like Joan Walsh and the left’s touchy-feely hands-off parenting techniques that have caused more problems in this country than the occasional slap of a child, not the other way around.

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