Illegal Alien Files Lawsuit against Firefighters Who Saved His Life

Last summer, forest fires ravaged large areas of Colorado.  These fires not only burned the trees, but stripped the ground of all of their cover, leaving them exposed to the easy erosion.  Then in September, a massive storm dumped inches of rain in Boulder County, Colorado, causing catastrophic flashfloods throughout the region.

Between the forest fires and the sudden downpours from the storm, there was nothing to stop or even slow the runoff that raced down every canyon and stream in the area.  When the flashfloods hit populated areas, it just cleaned out everything in their paths.  They wiped out bridges, washed away houses and cars and left at least 3 people dead.

As the flash flooding hit US 287 in Boulder County, it swept away a number of vehicles, one of which was being driven by Ray Ortiz.  The waters caught his SUV and turned it upside down in the raging waters.  The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office and North Metro fire Rescue District  firefighters and dive team responded to the scene.  It took them time to assess the situation and try to secure Ortiz’s vehicle to prevent it from being swept further downstream.  Then the dive team entered the water and eventually extracted Ortiz from his SUV and carried him to safety.

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Ortiz, who just happens to be an illegal alien, is now suing both the Sheriff’s office, the Fire District and the dive team that saved his life.  And why is he suing them you ask?  Ortiz claims they should have been able to rescue him faster than the two hours he was trapped in his car.  Ortiz is asking for $500,000 in his lawsuit against the people who saved his life and he claims that he still has shoulder pain from the incident.

According to Ed Ferszt, Ortiz’s attorney:

“Of course he was thankful because those divers did have a major role to play in saving his life that day. That doesn’t negate the fact that a mistake may have been made. I can understand why there’s a lot of furor over people thinking that he’s biting the hand that feeds. Does that mean that officers of North Metro Fire are above reproach? Well, well let’s talk for a second about the divers. If divers went into the water in an attempt to locate Roy and they didn’t see him there, as dangerous a job that it is — and we are thankful for first responders, that was a mistake. And the legal term for that mistake is negligence.”

I have family and friends that have worked in police and fire rescue and they all say that the number one thing is safety for them.  They have to assess every situation and determine what is the safest way for them to proceed in order to safely rescue others.  If they rush in without being as safe as they can be; they are liable to get injured or killed which would not do anything to help the intended rescue.  The fact that they got Ortiz out of his car and to safety should be enough for this illegal alien.

His attorney says that Ortiz being an illegal should have no bearing on the situation or the rescue, but I differ.  Had Ortiz not been in the US illegally, he would not have been in the car during the flash flood to begin with.  In which case, the county prosecutor should bring charges against Ortiz for the willful endangering of rescue professionals due to his being in the US illegally.  Then Ortiz needs to be carted back to the border and returned to wherever he came from.  Plus Boulder County officials need to bill Ortiz for the cost of his rescue and the law enforcement officials need to bill the country Ortiz is from for the cost of his rescue and deportation.

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