Illegal Aliens ‘Not Going Away’ Says DHS Secretary Johnson

Jeh Johnson took over as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security on December 23, 2013.  Prior to his appointment, Johnson served as the General Counsel of the Department of Defense.  Being a graduate of Columbia School of Law and member of Obama’s Cabinet, Johnson could easily be classified as a liberal attorney.

In his first major speech since taking the helm of the DHS, Johnson spoke last Friday at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington DC.  Since Immigration, Customs and Border Patrol fall under Johnson’s oversight, Jane Harman, President and CEO of the Wilson Center asked Johnson:

“In today’s press there is a new comment from House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) that it may not happen this year I think, which is going to be a great disappointment to many communities across our country who were hoping it will and to our efforts to rebuild our economy after the most serious recession since the Great Depression.”

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“What can you do to persuade John Boehner that maybe he should – of steps he might take in this election year to get this thing back on the right track?  Because he was one of the people who said he wanted to try to make this happen.”

Johnson responded:

“What I hope will happen in 2014 is that there is an emerging, evolving realization that this should not be politics, that this is a problem that we have in this country that needs to be fixed.  And that those of us here in Washington who represent the American public ought to do what we need to do to fix the problem.”

“Everybody agrees we have a problem with immigration, with enforcement and administration of our immigration laws.  Everybody knows we have millions of undocumented immigrants in this country, and they’re not going away.

“They’re not going to self-deport.”

“So they’re here, and they’re not going away.  From my Homeland Security perspective, I would rather encourage them to come forward, be accountable, pay whatever taxes and fines they owe.”

So let me get this straight, since illegals will not deport themselves, there is nothing we can do, so that means they are here to stay?  It’s not because they won’t deport themselves, it’s because we have a president who refuses to enforce our laws and have the Border Patrol arrest and deport them.

If you accept Johnson’s logic that illegals are here to stay because they won’t self-deport, then you would have to allow drug addicts to freely buy and sell illegal drugs because they won’t stop using, buying and selling on their own.  You might as well allow pedophiles to legally prey on young children because they won’t control themselves and they’re here to stay also.  The same logic could be used to justify allowing any crime to be allowed.

If I was Secretary of Homeland Security and in charge of our borders and immigration, I would command all Border Patrol agents along with state and local law enforcement agencies to round up every illegal alien and deport them to their own country.  Just because they’ve been in the country for years doesn’t make their illegal act legal.  For those with kids born here in the US, I would give them a choice of leaving the kids here with legal relatives or taking their kids with them back to their own country.  Think about all of the convicts that are separated from their families and kids because of their illegal actions.  Illegals committed a crime by entering the country illegally and as such they should be treated no differently than any other criminal.  They chose to put their children in that situation when they illegally crossed our border with their children or decided to have children here while they lived her illegally.  It’s the same thing as a mom and dad who gets busted for selling drugs and end up in prison, leaving their children to suffer from mom and dad’s bad choices.

If the task is too big for the Border Patrol and local law enforcement, I would request the use of the National Guard units and if necessary, active military personnel to help identify, arrest and deport illegals.  Then I would request that our military personnel be assigned to patrol and protect our borders instead of dying for borders thousands of miles away in countries that don’t want us there anyway.

As chief of immigration, I would also insist in seeing Barack Hussein Obama’s documentation to determine if he is a legal citizen and then whether or not he meets the legal requirements to hold the office of president.  Guess that’s why I’ll never be the Secretary of DHS.

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