Illegals Claim They All Pay Taxes Nailed For Not Paying Thousands in Taxes

For decades thousands, perhaps millions, of illegal aliens come to the US and work for cash. Their employers don’t claim them as employees and thus neither the employer nor the illegal pays any city, county, state, or federal taxes. In addition to not paying taxes, many illegals send some of their money back to family in their home countries.

I know for a fact that there are Americans that are out of work that would be thrilled to have many of those jobs held by illegals, but it’s cheaper for the employers to pay the illegals cash than to hire US citizens.

Yet, defenders of illegal aliens claim that illegals do pay taxes and contribute financially to city, county, state and federal coffers. One of those advocates is Jose Antonio Vargas, a journalist, host of MTV’s “White People” and an illegal alien. In 2012, Vargas wrote a piece for Time magazine in which he stated:

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“Undocumented workers pay taxes. I’ve paid income taxes, state and federal, since I started working at 18. The IRS doesn’t care if I’m here legally; it cares about its money.”

Actually, Vargas has bragged a number of times about paying federal taxes, although the story varies. Depending upon which version you hear, he started paying taxes at 18 years of age, or 19 years of age, or was it 22 years of age? What he failed to disclose in those statements is that he used a doctored card to pay his taxes with. Vargas admitted this saying:

“After outing myself in that article, I stopped using the doctored card my grandfather gave me — including filing my taxes with it. As I noted in the Times essay — and as I’ve repeated in many interviews — I paid state and federal taxes using that card in the prior years, which I started using when I began working as a teenager.”

However, it seems that Vargas didn’t pay all of his taxes as he constantly claimed. Earlier this year, he was slapped with a tax lien for $41,945 of unpaid taxes from 2010.

I find this to be the typical hypocrisy among liberals who want everyone else to pay higher taxes only to find out that they haven’t been paying their own taxes. Some of Obama’s appointees have outstanding unpaid taxes as do some members of Congress and the Obama administration.

Only after word got out that Vargas owed nearly $42,000 in back taxes, he claims that the debt has been paid. When asked about his tax situation, Vargas said:

“To my knowledge, the lien payment I made this year fulfills my tax liability.”

Notice the caveat of ‘to my knowledge.’ It must be part of the Democrat Party’s training manual under the section on denial of the truth. Hillary Clinton is using a similar caveat to defend herself in her email scandal by saying that she didn’t send any emails marked classified, which is far from saying she didn’t knowing send classified emails and intentionally did not mark them as such.

Vargas has as much credibility as Hillary Clinton. First he’s an illegal trying to act like a legal US citizen. He uses a doctored card for years to pay his taxes which is illegal. He claims to have paid taxes ever since he was 18, 19 or 22, but then gets nailed for not paying his taxes. And he’s one of the leading spokespersons for illegals. What does that tell you?

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