Illegal Convicted of 2 Felonies for Hit & Run Deaths of 2 Girls Serves No Jail, No Deportation

Last October, two Forest Grove, Washington girls were playing in a pile of leaves when a car driven by an illegal alien ran over them. Anna Dieter-Eckerdt, 6 and Abigail Robinson 11 were killed and the illegal, Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros kept driving. She said she was unaware the two girls were playing in the pile of leaves, but I ask what was she doing driving through a pile of leaves to begin and where was the pile? You never know what’s hidden in these piles. They could contain branches from the tree that could cause major damage to a vehicle, you just don’t know.

When Cisneros was finally caught, she was charged with two felony counts of hit and run resulting in the deaths of the two girls. She was convicted in court and should have been given a prison sentence, but the parents said they felt sorry for Cisneros and pleaded with the judge not to send her to prison. The judge sentenced Cisneros to probation and time served.

However, she was not freed as an ICE official immediately took her into custody for deportation. She was held by immigration officials until her deportation hearing last month. For reasons unknown and not revealed, the judge dismissed the deportation proceedings against Cisneros and she was released back into the community.

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Cisneros was brought to the US when she was a child and thanks to Obama’s illegal DACA executive order in 2012, she was granted permission to remain in the US. But this should not have prevented her from being deported since she was now a convicted felon. According to Obama’s new immigration policies, any illegal that is a convicted felon is to be departed, but we have seen far too many examples of that not being the case.

Although Barack Obama promised transparency in his administration (we already know that was a big fat lie), all of the details concerning Cisneros’s deportation case have been kept confidential. Not even the name of the judge has been released.

This prompted Laura Ingraham of Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor to interview immigration attorney Francisco Hernandez. Here is how part of the interview between Ingraham and Hernandez went:

Ingraham: We have special status given to these so-called ‘Dreamers’ who, she dreamed all her way right into running over these two girls. I’m glad the parents feel bad for her, but this just shows us this whole Dreamer thing is a big farce.

Hernandez: But she didn’t get to stay because of her Dream Act status, she gets to stay because of the result of the state case plus whatever went on in the immigration court which up until now is completely confidential and we’re not able to find out.

Ingraham:  She’s illegally in the country. Why are we not able to find out the name of the judge and they’re not going to say why it was dropped, why the case was dropped. You may have sources, but ICE is not revealing why this case was dropped.

Hernandez: We can’t.

Ingraham: Can’t? They reveal all sorts of stuff to us when it’s convenient to their agenda and I’ll also remind you, Francisco, 68,000 criminals have been released in the last year by ICE. 167 murderers have been released by ICE. We have people who have committed horrific crimes from rape to burglary and serious narcotics trafficking who have been released back into our country and apparently just melting into the community and we’re supposed to think that these are all valedictorians. It’s a fraud for the American people to deal with this.

What are federal officials hiding by not revealing the facts about Cisneros’s case? Why was she not deported as Obama’s own policy dictates? Why did the state judge not sentence her to prison time?

The brother of a former co-worker of mine was bringing his fiancé to his house for dinner. She was riding on the back of his motorcycle like always as it was less than a mile from her house to his. He hit a pothole in the road and his fiancé bounced off the motorcycle and hit the back of her head on the pavement. She died from her injuries. The state of Arizona pressed felony vehicular homicide charges against the man. Both families pleaded with the state not to prosecute as it was a tragic accident, but the state insisted on trying the case. My co-worker’s brother was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in the state prison.

Where’s the justice in all of this? If Cisneros’s act of driving into a pile of leaves and killing two girls was just an accident then she should not have been convicted, but she was convicted. If there was enough evidence to warrant a guilty verdict, then why was she not punished according to the law? Lastly, why was she not deported per Obama’s instructions?

Are the Democrats so desperate for votes in November that they have to rely on thousands of convicted illegals to cast illegal votes for them? Is there any other explanation possible?

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