Illegal Hispanics Given Free Reign in Maricopa County, AZ

Maricopa County is home to Phoenix and seven other cities with populations over 100,000. According to the 2010 census, the total population of the county is 3.8 million people, making it the fourth most populous county in the United States. They claim that Hispanics make up approximately 29.6% of the population, but some of my personal sources say that it is closer to 35% or even higher and growing rapidly ever year. Those same sources also tell me that illegal Hispanics now make up 35% to 45% of the total Hispanic population.

I also have some contacts connected to various law enforcement agencies in Maricopa and they all tell me that Hispanics, legal and illegal, account for well over 75% of violent and physical crimes in the county. Maricopa County is also a major hub of illegal human and drug trafficking.

It’s only natural for law enforcement agencies to focus much of their attention and efforts on those committing most of the crimes. To do otherwise would be a dereliction of duty and failure to protect the citizens of the county and cities.

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Joe Arpaio has been sheriff of Maricopa County since 1993 and is often referred to as the toughest sheriff in America. He started his law enforcement career in 1954, first in Washington DC and then in Las Vegas. In 1958, he was appointed to the Federal Bureau of Narcotics as a special agent. The FBN eventually became known as the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Arpaio spent 25 years with the DEA, working in Argentina, Turkey and Mexico. Due to his exemplary service he was promoted to head of the Arizona Division of the DEA until he ran for Maricopa County Sheriff in 1992, winning his first of 6 four year terms. His 61 years in law enforcement has been spectacular, winning him the praise and admiration of law enforcement officials nationwide.

With his background with the DEA, Arpaio understood the problems with the illegal drug trade that flowed into Maricopa County and his department focused much of their attention and efforts identifying and arresting illegal Hispanics and legal Hispanics involved in various crimes. Other than the typical liberal attacks from the ACLU and other activists groups, there were few major complaints of his department using racial profiling in carrying out their crime fighting efforts.

In 2010, Arizona passed a strict immigration law known as SB70. It gave Arpaio and other state law enforcement agencies the power and directive to fight illegal immigration and drug trafficking. It allowed law enforcement officers to ask for identification and proof of citizenship from anyone they stopped for routine matters. Hispanic activists groups immediately filed law suits to challenge the legality of the Arizona law, but all of the law suits at the time were directed at the state.

That all changed in March of 2012 when Arpaio announced that his Cold Case Posse was launching an investigation into the legality of Barack Obama’s eligibility to be President of the United States. A few months into their investigation, they announced to the media that they had unearthed overwhelming evidence that Obama’s official birth certificate was a forgery as was his Selective Service Card and possibly his Social Security Number.

Coincidentally, around the same time, several Hispanic activists groups with the help of the ACLU filed lawsuits against Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department charging them with racial profiling and violating the civil rights of Hispanics, legal and illegal. The US Justice Department jumped on the opportunity to attack Arpaio and his department. Most of his sources all say that the Justice Department’s attacks were directly related to the investigation of Obama’s bogus background records.

Somehow, the Obama administration managed to turn a once conservative district judge into a law enforcement hating liberal and he has consistently ruled against Arpaio at every turn. Sheriff Joe and his department were found guilty of racial profiling and stripped of their federal immigration enforcement status. The turncoat judge also placed a monitor to watch everything they did to make sure they complied with the court’s edicts.

Arpaio declared that the people of Maricopa County elected him to enforce the laws and he was determined to do his job. Like before, that entailed focusing on the Hispanics that they suspected of being illegal, trafficking in drugs and committing most of the crimes taking place in the county. The monitor ran to the judge like a kid on the playground tattling on the other kids and Arpaio and his Chief Deputy were charged with contempt of court among other charges.

On Friday, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors compromised with the court in resolving some of the charges against Arpaio and his department. According to the Huffington Post:

“Arizona’s infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio — the man who brands himself as ‘America’s toughest sheriff’ and has launched an extensive investigation into whether President Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen — will have to make some changes under a settlement with the federal government on Friday that would resolve some allegations that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office routinely violated the civil rights of Latinos.”

“The agreement, approved by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, would partially resolve the lawsuit, specifically the allegations that Arpaio’s office unlawfully detained Hispanic workers during worksite raids and violated their Fourth and 14th Amendment rights as well as the allegation that his office retaliated against critics in violation of the First Amendment.”

“Separately, the agreement would require Arpaio’s office to expand language access for Hispanics who are held in the county’s jails. Arpaio will still be headed to trial next month to resolve allegations in the lawsuit that his department targeted Latino drivers.”

Basically, the various lawsuits and attacks by the Justice Department have made it impossible for the Sheriff Joe and the sheriff’s department to fight crime and protect the citizens of Maricopa County. If they can’t focus their attention on those people committing the vast majority of crimes, just how are they supposed to do their jobs?

If you thought Hispanics, legal and illegal, were terrorizing the citizens of Maricopa County, just wait. All any of them have to do is holler racial profiling if they are caught and arrested for their crimes. The court and Justice Department have just given Hispanics free reign to do whatever they want with little fear of being arrested and is one of the few reasons I’m glad I no longer live in Maricopa County, but I still have lots of family and friends that do and I pray for their safety.

Just a final thought, none of the other law enforcement agencies in Maricopa County have faced the same attacks as this county sheriff’s department has. That’s probably because they never investigated Obama’s documents and questioned his right to live in the White House. So what does that tell you about the attacks on Sheriff now?


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