Illegal Immigration: Who’s to Blame & What Needs to be Done

America has a serious problem with illegal immigration. It’s been out of control for decades, long before Barack Obama stole the White House. I recall seeing illegal Hispanics in Arizona back in the 1960s. Back then it was easy to spot the illegals because any time they saw any kind of government vehicle, they would run and hide. Today they just ignore Border Patrol agents and even flip them off.

Our border with Mexico has always been an open border allowing illegal immigration in both directions. Geronimo, the famous Apache chief from southern Arizona frequently traveled to Mexico to escape American soldiers. Mexican banditos would cross the Rio Grande River into Texas to escape Mexican federales.

No president in US history has ever taken proper measures to secure the border. Some have given half-hearted attempts by placing Border Patrol agents along the border in certain areas or by building fences that have never been completed. I admit that the cost of fencing the nearly 2,000 mile border with Mexico would be outrageously expensive and illegal always seem to find a way over or under any fence.

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Therefore, I say that every president shares some of the blame for not taking appropriate actions to secure our border. I also say that every Congress also shares the blame. Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Independents, Whigs, etc. are all guilty.

However, I do have to say that Barack Obama’s actions concerning illegals are tantamount to treason. He knowingly has protected violent illegals who threaten the safety and lives of millions of American citizens and who are actively working to change America into their old country. In legal terms that is aiding and abetting an enemy of the United States as according to Article 3, Section 3 of the United States Constitution is defined as treason. He should be charged and convicted of this high crime and face the consequences for his actions.

After determining that every member of Congress and every president is guilty and that a border fence is not the single cure all to secure the border, what is the solution to our illegal immigration problem?

1- Congress should pass a law to require American troops to be strategically stationed along the entire border with Mexico. They should be provided with arms and the latest technology to allow them to detect anyone crossing the border above ground and below ground – use of seismometers. Troops should have night vision and infrared equipment. Troops stationed along the border would have orders to use whatever force is necessary to prevent illegal crossing into the US with deadly force being a last measure, but one that is available if needed.

2- Pay the millions of American that are out of work to finish constructing the border fence along the entire length of the border. I said the fence is not the single cure all, but it is a great tool to help the military troops to monitor border crossings. Seismometers should be installed along the entire length to monitor any attempts to tunnel under the fence.

3- Congress should pass a law that would make illegal entry into the US a felony instead of a misdemeanor. First offense is deportation, no exceptions. Second offense is 10 years in prison, no parole or probation. Third offense is life without parole.

4- All 20 million illegals should be arrested and deported, regardless if their countries want them back or not. They should be forced to apply for visas and citizenship just like every legal immigrant does. I feel sorry for those brought here as children, but they are still here illegally and need to go through the proper channels to re-enter the US.

This four part solution would put more Americans to work, both in building the border fence and to fill the millions of jobs currently held by illegals. More Americans working would boost the economy and increase tax revenue.

The crime rate in many parts of the nation would drastically decrease as will illegal drug trafficking. Thousands of ruined neighborhoods could be regained and restored back to their former family friendly and safe areas that they used to be.

US troops would be protecting our borders for a change instead of the borders of countries that want to destroy us. In the long run, they will save the lives of many Americans who fall victim to the crimes being currently committed by so many criminal illegals.

Currently, the liberals running this country have placed the safety and welfare of illegal immigrants ahead of American citizens. We need to reverse that and put the safety and welfare of American citizens ahead of catering to illegals.

That is my solution and I believe it to be a win-win solution for all of America.


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