Are Illegal Kids in Schools Making Your Kids Sick?

Hundreds of school kids are being admitted to hospitals all over the country, with most of them in the Central and Midwest regions. They are being admitted for a rare respiratory illness caused by the human enterovirus 86.

Most of the children start out with symptoms of a common cold. Then rapidly those symptoms take a serious turn causing severe respiratory distress. Jennifer Cornejo, the mother of a 13 year old son, William, in Colorado describes what happened to him after contracting the illness:

“Tuesday evening he had a little cold,” said his mother, Jennifer. “He’s a pretty moderate asthmatic. He’d never gone to the hospital for it since he was 2. I just never dreamed that we needed to go to the hospital.”

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Jennifer treated her son with his asthma medicine, an albuterol inhaler, but it wasn’t helping. Within an hour’s time, she tried to contact her doctor when she noticed that her son was not responding to her. She describes what happened:

“His lips were blue. He was white as a ghost. I turned him over, and his eyes were rolling back in his head. He was completely limp. But he was still breathing. I called 911.”

Today, William is recovering at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children in Denver. He is on a ventilator to help him breathe.

Most cases of enterovirus 86 are hitting younger kids, but those with respiratory issues like asthma are susceptible also. At this point, doctors and health officials have no idea where the virus has come from or why the sudden outbreak. There is a theory starting to circulate that may be a factor in all of this.

Remember the 60,000 to 90,000 illegal kids coming into the US from Central America? Most news reports indicate that at least 40,000 of them are being placed in America’s public school system, starting with kindergarten and up. We already have reports of US Border Patrol agents contracting TB, H1N1 swine flu and chicken pox from processing illegals from south of the border.

Dengue fever, the hemorrhagic form, is another serious disease that is currently spreading through parts of Mexico. Illegals from Africa have also been caught crossing the border with some of them coming from the regions being hit with the deadly Ebola virus.

Is it possible that enterovirus 86 could be carried by a number of the illegal kids from Central America? Many of these people have little to no medical coverage in their home communities making them far more susceptible to diseases than many American kids. Even if the illegal kids don’t have symptoms of the enterovirus 86, they could still carry it and spread it to other kids in the schools.

Yet with all of the medical and national security threats our nearly open border presents, Barack Obama refuses to do anything to secure the border. Instead, he continues to dangle amnesty like bait to a hungry school of fish. His actions are encouraging thousands more illegals to flood into the US with the promise of amnesty and possible citizenship.

Obama is intentionally risking the health of your kids and you for the sake of bringing millions of illegals into the US to steal jobs, deplete our resources (free medical, schooling, welfare, etc.) and hopefully vote Democratic, legally or illegally.

If I were a parent with kids in the public school system, I would find out if any of the illegal kids are attending the same school. If they are, then take your kids out. If you can’t homeschool them or afford to send them to a private school, then find a school in your area that does not cater to the illegals. Your kids are a precious thing and you need to take steps to protect them as best you can.

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